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11 April 2019

KidZania is a unique family edutainment centre for toddlers to 16 year olds. Here kids can have fun and at the same time learn more about the world they live, and mimic traditional adult activities to get to know what it is like being an adult.

Located in the Dubai Mall, KidZania is a children's theme park, which is more like a country exclusively for kids. They can do pretend plays by being doctors and nurses, gas station attendants, teachers, artists, women, firemen, pilots, mechanics, bank tellers and other jobs out of 70 or more professions that kids wish to be when they grow up. Children even get to drive cars, work, earn money and spend it on petrol and pizza. KidZania uses KidZos as its official currency.

The indoor theme park is built to scale for children, complete with paved streets, buildings, vehicles, and a functioning economy, recognizable destinations, in the form of establishments, sponsored and branded by leading multinational and local brands. KidZania also offers a separate area for toddlers to play in a safe and engaging environment.


KidZania spans an area of 80,000 square feet with life-size buildings, roads and shops to choose from. Among the facilities within KidZania are, KidZania International Airport, ban, cars, ambulances, central town square, fashion catwalk, fire engines, hospital, offices, pizza restaurant, race track, radio station, service station, theatres, supermarket, and university.

To play KidZania, children enter through the KidZania International Airport, complete with check-in desks, X-Ray machines and operate in partnership with Emirates Airlines. On arrival, children are given a 50 KidZo cheque which they will have to take to the bank, operated by HSBC in exchange for cash or an ATM card to be used in KidZania. Kids can then choose to spend or earn money or both, or neither. When they run out of money, they will have to find a job. Leftover KidZos can be saved in a bank account, which will earn interest. The basic idea is to teach kids the difference between marketing and reality in the world of banking.

Further, there are "Zupervisors" to introduce and provide support for every activity. Zupervisors are trained adults who guide and help kids accomplish their task, as they work and play.

Among other amenities here are ATMs, Baby care centre, Birthday party and dining, and other celebrations are held here. Male and Female Prayer Rooms are on the upper level.

At KidZania, parents can accompany children and only 'watch' their activities from outside the establishment, or they can relax at the KidZania Parent lounge, TV room, Food and Beverage and other complementary internet facilities. However, for kids over 120cms in height, parents can just "check-in" their children and leave them at KidZania.

The entry fee for a child is Dh.140, while adult and toddlers are charged Dh.95 each, while entry is free for those under two years of age. However, adults should be accompanied by a child to enter KidZania.


10am to 12midnight

Visit www.kidzania.ae for more information

Davies Krish

Former journalist and media professional based in Dubai.

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