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Dubai Miracle Garden

31 May 2019

Although a desert wouldn’t be the place where you would expect to find the world’s largest natural flower garden, Dubai is also the place where you can expect the unexpected. For instance, the Ski Dubai, which is chilled all year and is complete with real snow! Hence, it is no wonder that this astonishing Dubai Miracle Garden, referred to as 'Piece of Eden', will no-doubt continue to enthral millions of visitors in the years to come, with its million blooming flowers in various artistic designs each season, with outstanding structures.

Launched on valentine’s Day 2013, and located in Dubailand, near the Arabian Ranches, the Dubai Miracle Garden comprises about 150 million  million flowers spread across the 72000 sqm site, most of which, are planted for the first time in the Gulf region. The traditional flowerbeds are arranged in arches and flowerbeds forming various shapes and patterns, with topiary-style displays, apart from blooms that take the shape of stars, hearts, igloos, pyramids and many more.

Dubai Miracle Garden

No wonder then, that the Dubai Miracle Garden gained world recognition by the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘Largest Vertical Garden’, during its 1st phase.

Developed by the landscaping company, Akar, the Dubai Miracle Garden aims to attract at least a million visitors annually. The floral displays will change each season and, visitors can hope to have a new experience when they visit the Garden each time.

Akar has said that it has been possible to develop such a garden in this desert only through ‘judicious’ re-use of waste water, through drip irrigation. The developer said that the garden indicates that it is possible to green the desert through judicious re-use of waste water.

The garden received the accolade for ‘Tallest Topiary Structure’ on 25th February 2018. The Guinness World Records has recognized the Dubai Miracle Garden's records for the 3 records i.e., largest floral installation (2017), tallest topiary (2018) art & largest topiary art (2019).

Every year, the garden brings in a fresh concept and design experience to visitors, attracting over 1.5 million visitors annually!

What is the best time to visit the Garden?

The Dubai Miracle Garden opens for a new season every November, after closing for six months during six months for renovation. This is necessary to protect the plants and flowers from excessive summer heat in Dubai.

Every year from mid-November to mid-May, the 72,000 sqm space would be brought to life with scents and colours. This incredible experience can be only seen at Dubai Miracle Garden, set in the heart of Dubailand. Getting to see this garden in full bloom, with all its 150 million flowers arranged in colourful patterns and myriad shapes, would be an out-of-the-world experience for you as a visitor. Hence, the period November to May is the best season to visit the Garden.

Major Attractions in the Garden:

Miracle Garden is one-of-a-kind in the region and in the world, given, its unique display and being an extravagant outdoor recreational destination. Every season, Dubai Miracle Garden challenges itself to carve a special place in the hearts of visitors with breathtaking visuals and an experience that they are sure to share with friends and families.

Let us take a look at some of the major attractions in the new-look garden:

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The brilliant round-shaped garden is designed in 3D and decorated with flowers in a total 1800 square meters can accommodate 300 people per visit. This is the world’s largest butterfly garden, with about 15,000 butterflies of about 26 kinds! It is an indoor garden, comprising 10 domes, with each dome being filled with various colours, sizes and species of lovely colourful butterflies (10,000 live butterfly species). Also, between the domes, there are alluring butterfly museum and a butterfly flower park. The domes are climate-controlled and give butterflies a comfortable environment, as the domes are open year-round.

butterfly garden

Here you can get to know more about how butterflies evolve through each stage, and you can interact with butterflies and take beautiful pictures too. If you are travelling with kids, a visit to the Butterfly Park is a must.

All designs are built consistently on the butterfly garden theme - International Garden, Aromatic Garden, Souvenir Shop, Flower Watch, Children Play Area, and more. The International Garden includes sculptures from UAE and several countries around the world made entirely out of real flowers. Apart from the butterfly park, there is butterfly museum too, which is built based on a theme linked to the creature.

A separate entrance and ticket is made available for the Dubai Butterfly Garden. You may check with the security guards, for any assistance towards the Garden.

Ticket Fee: Dh.55 for adults and children aged 2 years and above. Entry is free for disabled, and kids below 2 years.

Floral installation of Emirates A380

The epic Airbus A380 of Emirates Airline at the Dubai Miracle Garden has made it to the Guinness Book of World Records in 2016 and continues to hold the world record for the largest such floral installation in the world. It’s constantly revolving propellers indicate that it is ready for departure on the runway of flowers in the Miracle Garden. Located in the world’s biggest flower garden, the Emirates 380 is the largest floral theme for the world’s largest aircraft (Airbus A380) and is also the world's best airline. The Emirates Airbus A380 is decorated with at least seven different kinds of flowers in its overall floral theme.

The iconic Mickey Mouse

The Walt Disney Company, together with Dubai Miracle Garden, has signed a new licensing deal, as part of which, the spectacular 18m tall Mickey Mouse floral structure was designed in the Garden. Mickey Mouse, Disney’s first character floral display in the Middle East, also won the 5th Guinness Records for the ‘World’s Largest Topiary Structure’ in February 2018. The sculpture features about 100,000 plants and flowers, weighing 35 tons, supported by 7-ton steel structure with concrete foundation comprising 50 tons of reinforced concrete.

Big Teddy Bear

A giant Teddy Bear 12m tall, comprising thousands of fresh plants and flowers is the latest attraction in the garden. The Teddy Bear holds a heart, which reveals that it is a symbol of love and harmony, Teddy Bear is one of the most iconic themes among most other floral themes in the park. The park being launched on a Valentine's Day, the themes of hearts are very common within the garden, and hence, Teddy Bear with a Heart is another noteworthy creativity by the Miracle Garden authorities.  This floral version of Teddy Bear cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

Giant Tortoise

A giant tortoise greets you right at the entrance of the gate, which is a sort of passage by itself for the visitors. In these passage queues are set for visitors to purchase tickets etc., from the authorities of the garden. The Giant Tortoise is therefore, the gateway to all the floral themes within the Garden.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise is an underground floral cascade 20ft in depth, wherein you could find several Floral Houses and Bungalows that adds up to the amazing ambience of Dubai Miracle Garden.

Lake Park

You will not be able to find a more refreshing site than the Lake Park, which transforms the garden into a living heaven on earth. Showered with colourful flowers and water fountain, it is a real relaxation spot for visitors when sitting around the lake. Although, lakes within garden are a common sighting around the world, the Dubai Miracle Garden has integrated them in the most creative manner.

Hearts Passage

One of the most featured attractions at the Dubai Miracle Garden is 'The Hearts Passage'. The passage leaves a lovely, everlasting impression in the mind of visitors when walking through dozens of big hearts. They are not just shaped in the form of hearts, but, offer thousands of countless flowers engraved all over them. The flowers and their aroma triggers a lasting experience for visitors.

Butterfly Passage

A beautiful butterfly passage made of colourful flowers in a magical shape is another attraction at Dubai Miracle Garden. Floral outlines in the form of butterfly wings that are just like frames are built and in between them a special passage is referred to as this theme of Butterfly Passage. The theme tempts you to walk through and experience the joys associated with it.

Umbrella Passage

Umbrella Passage forms part of floral themes of the Dubai Miracle Garden. The passage has a ceiling that resembles attached umbrellas at the top. Flowers are beautifully integrated below these colourful umbrellas along the sides. The passage is not a single umbrella passage, but that of multiple umbrella passages. The purpose is to provide shade to the visitors during the day when the temperature shoots up.


If you wish to take a quick break after a long walk inside the garden, there are plenty of cabanas to chill out with billowing drapes and floor cushions, so perfect, that you are sure to recharge yourself, given, the great Hawaiian ambience.

Hill Top

A hill with vibrant colourful flowers is a huge attraction to visitors of the Garden. A beautiful passage takes you to a rather deeply located area of the garden, and on reaching its floor, you notice colourful flowers from the bottom to high altitudes, making it a hill of flowers. This, in a way, leaves an impression that you have arrived at a valley within the Garden, surrounded by colourful flowers, trees, and floral themes. There are coffee shops and ice cream bars atop the hill for refreshments.

Flower Watch (Floral Clock)

For the first time in Dubai, the Garden will house a floral clock, which is 15 metres in diameter, made of real plants and flowers. The clock also includes a small bird house, with a bird tweeting every 15 minutes. The design of the clock will change twice a year (for each season). The design of the clock changes according to the season. The mechanical parts of the clock was imported from the US, while its design was created by its own in-house landscaping company.

3D Floral Designs

The 3D Floral Characters in Floral shapes are truly appealing and attractive. The colours, design and structure of floral designs reflect a great degree of excellence and creativity. The Dubai Miracle Garden has re-invigorated this concept, by beautifully merging colourful flowers, giving them a spectacular look with unique designs.

Floral Castle

Surrounded by millions of flowers the Floral Castle offers seating and dining facility inside, leaving and impression that may seem like you are in some kind of a fairyland.

Activities / Entertainment in the Garden

Promising a full bloom in fun and celebrations for the upcoming months, Dubai Miracle Garden - the world's largest natural flower garden - have a variety of new and exciting attractions and activities each season for the people of all ages.

Dubai Miracle Garden is an incredible family-friendly destination, a must-visit for residents and tourists alike, which offers weekly live shows, a trampoline for kids and has various special entertainment activities, with music, dance and showmanship throughout the season.


Amphitheatre is a huge floral Auditorium full of flowers that promises live theatrical events and entertainment for visitors. The amphitheatre is not just for display, but, serves as central stage for several creative events, celebrity visits, shows and communicational themes.

Trampoline Park

The Dubai Miracle Garden offers several unique creations, which include 12 custom mix of trampolines for whole family. This will be the ideal place to keep the family busy, if not for the long walks. The in-house staff can also monitor the safety of kids.

Weekly live performances

Weekly live performances, including musical shows and parade would be help in the garden that would surely add to your experience. Flower Parade, and Zumba for the entire family are some of the other upcoming events.

Dining options in Dubai Miracle Garden


A variety of local and international dining options awaits you at Dubai Miracle Garden premises, and depending on your interest you can choose from Arabic, Asian, Indian, or any cuisine you wish to try. Popular chains such as Pizza Hut, Hardees, Bhoujan, Azrat Lebnan, Fatayer, Saj2go, Mohammad Kurdi are a few restaurants to choose from.

Cafes and Sweet Bars

Satisfy your sweet cravings at the wide range of ice creams, snacks and coolers that are on the offer at signature stores in Dubai Miracle Garden. Krispy Kream, Meat & Eat, Candy Shop, Gelato House, DMG Cafe are just some of the stores here for you.


If you are on the go, and have no time or the mood to enjoy a relaxed meal, just grab your favourite snack right in the middle of you walk, as there are plenty of kiosks scattered across the park, so that you don’t have to miss any moment.

Shops in the Miracle Garden

Souvenir Shops

If you are planning to offer the ideal gift for friends and family, or just wish to make your visit a memorable one, there is a souvenir shop too at Dubai Miracle Garden. There are several varieties of flower-related products and merchandise with the Dubai Miracle Garden logo, to remind you of your memorable visit to the garden.

Photo booths

The photo booths are located at the entrance, wherefrom, you can take away some cherished memories. The booth also sells several customized products and imaging solutions including photography and green screen technologies.

Disney Merchandise

At the Disney Merchandise in the Dubai Miracle Garden, you can shop for souvenir toys featuring your favourite Disney characters.

Other amenities in the garden

Among the other facilities within the park apart from shops and restaurants are, sitting areas, rest areas, first-aid rooms, toilet blocks, coffee shops, ice cream shop, small grocery store, men and women Mosque, garden trains, club carts, tricycles and ample parking space.

What’s unique about the garden?

Wondering what makes Dubai Miracle Garden successful? There are multiple factors that contribute to the success of the garden, but, the most important is the constant development and improvement of the floral art at the Garden. Every year, the Dubai Miracle Garden comes up with a new edition of floral themes, designs and sculptures. Starting from its inception in February 2013, until May 2019, there have been 7 new editions of the Dubai Miracle Garden, with each edition offering maximum creativity to its visitors. This continuous up-gradation of floral themes and creativity is what highly contributes to the success of the garden.

True to its name, the Miracle Garden, will no-doubt be one-of-a-kind miracle in the region and in the world, due to its unique display of flowers and extravagant outdoor entertainment. The garden serves as a healthy outdoor alternative to your regular weekend trips to the shopping malls.

Garden Timings

9am to 9pm (daily);
9am to 11pm (Fridays and Saturdays)


The Garden provides state-of-the-art parking services, including VIP parking, open parking, sitting areas, toilet blocks, prayer room, toilet blocks, security room, carts for handicapped visitors, retail and commercial kiosks and many others. Recently, the garden further expanded its parking facilities to 60,000sqm that can accommodate 2000 cars.

Entry Fee to Dubai Miracle Garden

Single Entry Regular Admission Fee:
Adult (12 years old above): 50AED
Children (12 years old and below) 40AED
Disabled and 2years old and below: Free of Charge

Dubai Miracle Garden Location

Al Barsha South Third
Dubailand, Dubai
PO Box 181157
Tel: +971 4 4228902
Email: [email protected]

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