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Children's City

10 April 2019

The Children's City is located near the Dubai Creek Park, about four miles south-west of Downtown Dubai, and is designed so as to appeal to children of age group 2 to 15. The Dubai-based Children’s City is the first educational city in the UAE for children in this age group, wherein they can investigate, play, learn and explore about the world in which they live.

Children's City includes exhibits and programs that explore several sciences, including anatomy, astronomy, etc., making it a fun-learning process. The City is particularly designed so that children can interact and discover together in family and school groups.

childrens city dubai

Educational workshops are held all through the year at various galleries in the purpose-built halls, apart from entertainment programmes at the Children’s City Theatre for students and families.

Children's City also features planetarium, cafeteria and a souvenir shop. The Children's city makes special accommodations for children with disabilities. Kids have the option of participating in workshops and entertainment programs in the theatre of the facility.

Spanning more than 80,000 square feet in area, Children’s City blends several activities on nature, space, science and culture and the human body, apart from the flight simulators and other interactive exhibits.

On the whole, Children’s City is a great place to play and learn.

Davies Krish

Former journalist and media professional based in Dubai.

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