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Wonderland Theme Park

11 April 2019

The largest of the amusement parks in the UAE is Wonderland Park, an oasis of fun designed for kids of all ages. Wonderland Park includes both the Wonderland Theme Park and Splashland, a water park spanning 22 acres.

Wonderland Park is everything in you might expect in an amusement park (and maybe more) including:

Family Entertainment Centre: A huge indoor air-conditioned centre with over 100 rides, arcade games, video games and a whole lot more. There's also a place for mum and dad to sit and relax whilst enjoying a tasty meal from Mithu's Nest café which is situated inside the centre.

Skill Games: Win fabulous prizes by testing your skills at shooting, throwing, climbing, rolling…. A huge variety of challenges awaits you!


Fort Fun: Traditional playground fun for the little one's inside a Caribbean Fort. They can swing, ride, climb and jump whilst mum and dad relax under the gazebo style awnings.

Rain Ball: Disappear into a world of non-stop rain. Don't worry, you won't get wet. This is a soft-play experience not to be missed.

Action Ride Theatre: State-of-the-art simulated thrills. This 18-seater 4D system features 10 rides with wind effects and water jets! You thought you'd been in a ride simulator - think again if you haven't experienced this beast!

3D Theatre: Imagine a theatre where spiders crawl up your leg! Wind blows through your hair! Monsters breathe on your neck! Imagine no more -it's here!

Camel Rides: An experience not to be missed. This is a genuine Arabic ride for the whole family.

Wonderland Park of course has kiddy-rides for small children in addition to its water rides, lazer-tag, paintball, go-karts, bumper cars and other attractions.

Tickets are priced at Dh.125 each for Water Park and Theme Park for 5 years and above, and for both waterpark and theme park combined, the ticket is priced at Dh.150 per person. For children aged 2 to 4 years, the charge is Dh.60 per child for each of the park and for a combined visit it is Dh.75. Entry is free for children under 2 years of age. Online bookings are given 20% discount on ticket price.


10am to 12am (theme park), 10am to 8pm (water park)

Dennis Jegan

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