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Dubai Global Village

02 November 2017

The region’s largest, most-awaited family entertainment and cultural event of the year, Global Village 2017, has opened gates to visitors this year from 1st November, and they were in for a pleasant surprise, as the tickets that were earlier priced at Dh.15 was issued free to the public.

The fine weather, food, the mini world tour in a glance, are some of the aspects that draw visitors from across the globe to Dubai Global Village every year, and the fireworks during the event, are only an icing on the cake. It is not just the grandeur of the place that leave the people awestruck, but also the world-class hospitality that they experienced here. Several tourists plan their trip to Dubai around this season of the event, so that they do not miss the Global Village attractions.

Global Village Dubai

Global Village 2017 bigger and better

The 22nd season of Global Village opened doors on 1st November 2017, gathering the entire world in one place, with more than 75 cultures represented through 27 country pavilions, showcasing more than 12,000 cultural and entertainment shows, all located within the 1.6million square metre park at Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Road Exit 37.

There are about 3,500 outlets, hundreds of boutique shops, 120 food and beverage kiosks, 23 restaurants and cafes, featuring cuisines from the Far East to the Middle East, Asia to Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Increased number of trees has been planted across the park this year to make it greener, and provide visitors with much-needed shade. On the whole, about 10,000 trees have been added around the village and green areas have been extended to an expansive 50,000 square metres.

There will be about 20 or more entertainment activities and performances for kids daily, which would include 3000 local performers, 23 concerts, besides fireworks, with international superstars who would perform every Friday.

Meanwhile, the RTA has established two new bus routes that allow public affordable and easy-to-use methods of getting to Global Village to join in on the fun. The first route (103) starts from Union Station, while the second route (104) starts from Al Ghubaiba Station. The service runs from 3.15pm until 11.15pm, with 30 minutes of travel time.

While Global Village is all about country pavilions offering traditional handicrafts, to food stalls and variety stage shows and funfair rides, here’s what you can expect from this year’s show:

  • This year Bosnia and The Balkans are new country pavilions being introduced. Try the Bosnian House Restaurant, for insight into the region’s cuisine. Nepal, which forms part of South Asia Pavilion, will simultaneously showcase rich cultures of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
  • There is a dedicated Jordan pavilion that offers a wide variety of products containing skin-nourishing minerals from the Dead Sea, which makes it a ‘must-visit’ for beauty enthusiasts.
  • Stalls at the Syria pavilion are a replica of the markets of Hamidiyah in old Damascus, and they reflect the country’s expertise in antique furniture, copper work and calligraphic art. Also try the various sweets, roasted nuts, baklava, and dried fruits that are on offer at the various shops here.
  • You can taste the world-renowned Yemeni honey at the Yemen pavilion, where sellers can offer you a sample and talk you through its benefits. A large variety is available, and every time it claims to offer a solution to a health issue.
  • With the Khalifa Foundation pavilion, Emirati vendors get an opportunity to run their own stalls, and gain experience in managing a business. Here, you can expect to find a range of Emirati-inspired clothing, accessories, perfumes and home accessories.
  • Another new this year is the ‘Carnaval’ a brand-new funfair experience with 28 rides, 34 skill-based games and more than 100 arcade games.  ‘Monster Stunt Show’ is also an exhilarating spectacle featuring stunts, car chases and special effects.
  • Among the 12,000 shows to be presented this season is the ‘High Voltage’, featuring high-octane acrobatic stunts.
  • As for dining options, this year there are 23 restaurants lined-up, apart from several cafes and 120 kiosks to choose from. Bosnian, Turkish, Indian, Egyptian, Arabic and Yemeni cuisines are on the offer. Two new coffee shops, ‘Strawcolate’ and ‘Cupa Gahwa’ are in this season to quench your thirst. Also recommended are the fondue skewers at Strawcolate, if you are looking for a quick energy boost.
  • Global Village 22nd edition offers entertainment programs that include 23 scheduled concerts featuring popular Bollywood playback singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Mika Singh and Sonu Nigam. The concert would be held every Friday at 9pm. There would also be cultural shows like Beyond Bollywood, Shaolin Monks and The Silk Road.
  • Family packs are offered at selected Eppco and Enoc petrol stations across the UAE, and selectd Aswaaq and Union Co-op branches. The packs are priced at Dh.99, and include entry tickets, a Carnaval card worth Dh.75, one valet parking ticket and two mini-train tickets.
  • The Village’s very own globe-headed mascot ‘Globo’ will return this season with a series of shows where he and his six friends will face several obstacles. He would need help from the audience, so kids can have fun time here.
  • The 22nd season comes with improved infrastructure too, as two new bus routes have been included from Al Rashidiya Metro Station and Mall of Emirates Metro Station. Further, there are upgraded and themed pathways for pedestrians, and new lanes that offer easy access to parking zones for buses and taxis. There also traffic signs all around, so that you don’t lose your way.
  • The place has been divided into various zones, and there are 500 themed benches within the different zones, where you can stop by and take a breather. The zones help in easy access and way finding.
  • More than 18,000 LED festoon lights are lit across the common areas of the park, and they help in guiding visitors along the way, apart from illuminating the Global Village.
  • Parking has been extended with 300 additional parking lots, bringing the total up to 18,300 spots. There is now, a designated two-wheeler parking as well.
  • Global Village 2017 will conclude on 7th April 2018, thereby offering you five whole months of entertainment and season’s offerings.

Global Village Timing

Saturday to Wednesday: 4pm to 12am
Thursday, Friday, and public holidays: 4pm to 1am.
Firework display: Thursday and Friday: 9pm
Parade: every Friday at 8.30pm.

Global Village - Dubai Shopping Festival Video

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