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French Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

25 May 2023

Louvre Abu Dhabi, a museum-city on the sea, is an ethereal, linking the past to the future, while gathering the world under a canopy of light. Louvre Abu Dhabi is an art and civilization museum, a new cultural beacon that brings together various cultures to share stories of humanity. At Louvre Abu Dhabi, when you encounter Art, you realize what it means to be human. Although the origin of the museum dates back to 2007, when the France and the UAE came together to develop a new kind of cultural institution, the museum was finally inaugurated on 8th November 2017.

Launched by the French President, Emmanuel Macron and the UAE Vice President, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the museum is rooted in human values, in a first-of-its kind in the region. Representing the dynamic nature of the contemporary Arab World, Louvre Abu Dhabi also celebrates the region’s vibrant multicultural heritage.

Louvre Abu Dhabi - A Universal Museum

For Louvre Abu Dhabi, the word 'universal' means focusing on what unites: the stories of human creativity that transcend individual cultures or civilisations, times, or places. This value guides the museum in everything, starting from its foundation which is the collaboration between two cultures, to the dazzling architecture, that combines French design with Arabic heritage. It champions the cultural achievements of mankind, from prehistory to the present day.

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi


Saadiyat - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Tel: 600 56 55 66
Email: [email protected]

How to get there?

From Abu Dhabi City

From the Zayed port area, follow the signs for Yas Island, take Sheikh Khalifa Bridge to Saadiyat Island. Follow road signs off Sheikh Khalifa Highway, E12 to the Cultural District to Louvre Abu Dhabi, first exit after the bridge.

From Dubai / Abu Dhabi

If travelling on E11 Abu Dhabi - Dubai Road, take Saadiyat Island / Yas Island exit to Sheikh Khalifa Highway E12, drive through Yas Highway to the Cultural District in Saadiyat Island, and follow the road signs off the highway to Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Public Transport

If you are travelling by bus, take Public bus route 94, stop in Louvre Abu Dhabi (Saadiyat Island).

Special corporate and guided tours

Louvre Abu Dhabi has designed special corporate and group services and offers, so that you can enjoy the fascinating collection of objects and works spanning variety of times, cultures, places and civilisations. Groups can discover these treasures by opting for a guided tour by special guides, a great way to explore and learn together.

Louvre Abu Dhabi -  Architecture & Design

Louvre Abu Dhabi is the creation of one of the most significant architects of the last half-century, Jean Nouvel, an international architect, who drew inspiration from the architecture and traditions of the UAE. Having conceived a remarkable home for Louvre Abu Dhabi, it should be mentioned that this extraordinary architectural feat is also a powerful representation of the nation’s vision and achievement.

The centre-piece is a huge silvery dome that seems to float over the entire museum-city. Although it appears light-weight, the dome actually weights 7500 tonnes (equivalent to Eiffel Tower, Paris). The dome is a complex, geometric structure comprising 7,850 stars, repeated at various sizes and angles in eight different layers. As the sun passes above, its light gets filtered through the perforations in the dome, so as to create an inspiring effect within the museum, known as ‘rain of light’. This dedication to nature and the elements, has been inspired from the palm trees of Abu Dhabi, as their leave catch the bright sunlight from above to dapple and soften its projection on the ground.

Louvre Abu Dhabi has been designed as a micro-city by itself. It is an archipelago out at sea. Dedicated areas encourage multitude of activities and is meant for those who enjoy a choice of transportation, as they can arrive either by land or sea.

Visitors can explore 55 detached buildings, out of which 23 are dedicated to galleries, inspired by the low-lying homes of the local region. Exterior facades that overlook sea and the Abu Dhabi skyline encourage walks and conversation. The specially commissioned artworks by artists spark emotional and intellectual encounters, and overall, the museum inspires you to enjoy the changing relationship between the sun, sea, art and architecture.

The beautiful dome of Louvre Abu Dhabi also serves several environmental purposes by acting as a shading canopy to protect outdoor plaza and buildings below from heat of the sun. Therefore, visitors can easily wander between the exhibitons, galleries, auditorium, open plaza and restaurants. This also reduces energy consumption. What's more, Louvre Abu Dhabi design is targeting silver LEED status, with the museum creating comfortable microclimate with passive-design techniques, water and energy conservation techniques and efficient HVAC systems.

Louvre Abu Dhabi: Some facts to know

The total weight of the dome is 7500 tonnes

  • It is made of eight different layers, four in stainless steel, and others in aluminium.
  • The design of the dome forms a tapestry of 7850 stars.
  • Four piers support the dome to create its floating effect.
  • Each is 110m apart and hidden within museum building.
  • The diametre of the dome’s base is 180m
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi is 40m above sea level and the dome is 36m above ground.
  • Four piers supports the dome, which creates its floating effect. They are 110m apart and are hidden within the museum building.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi is 40m above sea level, while the dome is 36m above the ground.

Children's Museum

Children’s Museum at Louvre Abu Dhabi serves as the learning hub. Centrally located across the two floors, this section hosts family-focused exhibitions and interactive workshops in Arabic and English. The aim is to inspire young minds by teaching children artistic techniques and ideas. The Museum is conceived for children aged six to twelve years and is ideal for both school groups and family visits. Children and adults alike can share numerous learning activities designed to nurture curiosity and creativity. The Museum also serves as a bridge to rest of Louvre Abu Dhabi and its programmes by helping students get the most  out of museum’s focus on universal human themes.

Highway Gallery

This is the world’s first and only radio-guided highway art gallery. Eversince the launch of this multi-award winning Highway Gallery in 2018, this year is the second edition of the project, which features 10 new works from Louvre Abu Dhabi, displayed on 10m high billboards and three giant replica sculptures alongside E11 Sheikh Zayed Road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. For each piece, a special FM device will transmit a 30-second loop about the art-piece: its title, technique, artist, context and description. As your car approaches the Highway Gallery, each artwork comes alive through your speakers.

Museum Boutique

Designed by Jean Nouvel, the boutique houses unique designer products and great selection of books from across the world, well-chosen to match the spirit and character of the museum. The specialized boutique offers a rich, exquisite collection of exceptional castings and engravings, and each of these pieces bear a link with the collections at the museum. You can take a part of the museum home, whether it is a souvenir, a gift, or a book to explore and expand one's knowledge. Museum Boutique has over 1200 titles, and is one of the largest art and architecture bookshops in the UAE. Apart from the finest art books, the boutique has a great range of gifts based on exhibition themes. There are big sections of gifts, adults and children’s books, toys, home decor, jewellery and perfumes.

Activities for Adults

Touring: Tours at Louvre Abu Dhabi are both insightful and unique. You could enjoy the spectacular pieces of art within the museum and learn more about the inspiring architecture in which they are housed. You can explore the greatest masterpieces of the museum at 'The Essential Tour' which will be available daily from 11am to 2pm, and discover the Arabian architecture and natural elements.

Activities for children

Tours: Louvre Abu Dhabi has not scarcity when it comes to its tours, offering so much for families and children. The children can enjoy the ‘Animal Kingdoms’ which is open until 30th June, animals in eastern and western cultures are hidden in the form of artworks within the museum. There are photographs exhibitions ‘mini’ tours until 13th July.

Workshops: Free Activities are available over the weekend, wherein you can drop-in your children for a creative workshop, a drawing session, or a mini-interactive tour. You can also opt to make them listen to wonderful tales by storytellers.

Mask-making: There are workshops for children, and it may seem amazing to them when they discover how human and animal forms shaped the design of spectacular masks. In fact, they can create a mask themselves using an array of 3D materials in the workshop.

Creative/Fun Artworks: Under the dome, children can find and learn complex geometric shapes of Jean Nouvel’s modern interpretation of traditional dome. As a family, you can work together with family and create your own masterpiece inspire by Louvre Abu Dhabi’s collection exhibition at the family workshop, or guide your children to enjoy creative and fun activities linked to the artworks here.

Knowledge resource: Louvre Abu Dhabi is a great learning resource for children, as they are provided information about artists, artworks, discussion topics and key ideas of exhibitions, which include fun in-gallery and self-led activities, which can be done individually or in groups.


There are film screenings, for which you need to pre-book your ticket online by calling +971600565566, or you can book at the museum ticketing desk. Admission to each screening is free.

Every Friday and Saturday, throughout Ramadan, there are short, looped film screenings, and you can enter free with an admission ticket. Children below 13 years are allowed free entry.

The family film screenings during Eid explores different cultures and civilizations through art and film. However, you need to pre-book your ticket online or at the museum ticketing desk.

Museum Galleries

The museum galleries at Louvre Abu Dhabi tells the story of humanity through 12 inspiring chapters, with each chapter focused ons hared themes and ideas that reveal common ties throughout humanity. The work displayed range from prehistoric artefacts to contemporary artworks. At these galleries, visitors get to see humanity in a new light.


Every year, Louvre Abu Dhabi hosts four temporary expos, which form part of the unique collaboration between Abu Dhabi and France. They will be organized and created by thirteen French museum partners, and these temporary exhibitions will follow a thematic approach, as the permanent collections in the Museum Galleries reflect comparisons, shared ideas and influences across civilizations and cultures.


While visiting Louvre Abu Dhabi, you get to enjoy some good cafes, one such being the Museum Cafe, a modern, chic, food and beverage outlet, which blends Emirati and European flavours in a relaxed dining setting. It combines the best of local and international dishes with best ingredients from the sea, garden and land. The menu seamlessly blends into the ethos of international encounters of Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Visitors who have limited time in hand, also have their option at ‘Grab and go’, whrein they can just choose out of the healthy, innovative and kid-friendly platter at ‘grab and go; which is perfect for families, and those wishing to explore an outdoor seating terrace.

The 'Art Lounge Bar' is a contemporary roof-top at Louvre Abu Dhabi, where the guests enjoy breath-taking sunset views over the city skyline, while also enjoying a light bite and refreshing drink.

The ‘Aptitude Cafe’ is one of the first specialty coffee shops in Abu Dhabi. Apart from being a destination of choice for coffee lovers, it also educates people about specialty graded coffee beans and the process of treating coffee beans from when it is picked to when it is ground and brewed.

Other amenities:

Valet Parking service, free wifi connectivity, cloakrooms, safety lockers, ATM facility, availability of strollers and wheelchairs, availability of restrooms, prayer rooms for men and women, and a First Aid room are some of the basic amenities that the museum offers.

Entry Fee to the Museum

On entering Louvre Abu Dhabi, you can access the Museum Galleries, Children’s Museums, Exhibitions, and public spaces underneath the dome. You may purchase the tickets either online or on site directly at the ticketing counter.

The Admission Fee is Dh.63

You may enter the museum at a reduced fee of Dh.31.5 if you are a school or college teacher in the UAE, of a faculty member in the University, working for the UAE Military, or belong to the age group 13 to 22 years. The same fee is also applicable to Auditorium / Workshop ticket holders.

You are allowed a free entry to the museum if you are below 13 years of age, a journalist, Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Club members, ICOM / ICOMOS / ICCROM valid members. Free tickets are also offered to disabled visitors and one companion.

Museum Opening Hours:

Monday is a weekly holiday,
All other days, it is open 10am to 8pm
The opening hours of the Museum will vary during Ramadan.


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