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10 Best Photography and Instagram Spots in Dubai

22 November 2019

Dubai seems like heaven on earth for photography lovers. The picturesque skyline in Dubai is full of skyscrapers, with its traditional side too being as vibrant. Moreover, the year-round sunshine in Dubai makes it an ideal place for photography. While Dubai is popular for its architectural marvels, it also has awe-inspiring sights, and this is evident in witty street art and neighbourhoods that blend old-world romance with modern style. 

So, starting from street photography, to portraits or landscapes, here is the roundup of best photography locations along the city skyline:

At the Top, Burj Khalifa

As a tourist visiting Dubai, Burj Khalifa is a 'must' visit destination. Apart from being the tallest building in the world, it is a great location for photography too. But, be warned, you should be ready to face an airport-style security. Try to avoid carrying a big camera bag with you. A stable tripod may be of help. The viewing deck is surrounded by glass walls, but, you can take photos through the slits between them.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a great location for cityscape photography. On one side you can get a view of Dubai Marina, and on the other side you can see Burj Al Arab. But, you may need a longer zoom lens to view.

Dubai Marina - Al Emreef Street

dubai marina

This is a popular location for shooting skyline photos. The waterfront promenade in the Marina may be one of the best places to view the impressive skyscrapers of the city. You get to see people run, exercise, bike along the marina, apart from catamarans, yachts and water taxis floating through the canal, all of which make interesting subjects for photography. Al Emreef Street offers the best view. Use a wide-angle lens or the panoramic setting on your smartphone to capture activity on either sides of the water.

Bastakiya Historical District

bastakiya dubai

Allow yourself to get lost in the narrow backstreets, shaded courtyards, and maze-like alleys of the nineteenth century neighbourhood. Visit early in the morning or late afternoon, so that the place will be less crowded. When capturing the picture, make sure to include street art or frame the shiny, white minaret of Al Farooq Mosque.

Al Seef

Al Seef has plenty to photograph, a waterfront promenade with a marina along Bur Dubai Creek. At the other end is the Arabian souk with its traditional architecture, waiting for locals to emerge for a shot which includes modern passerby, set against the ancient structure.

Bur Dubai Creek

bur dubai creek

Bur Dubai’s old creek has plenty of photo opportunities, with locals enthusiastically feeding flocks of seagulls along the creek and on the boats. An hour before the sunset when the light begins to soften, may be the ideal time to click a great picture here.

Sunset Beach

la mer dubai

The sunset beach is an ideal place to get a perfect sunset image, with the iconic Burj Al Arab in the foreground. Visit the spot at the golden hour, and experiment various shots as the sky paints an orange, gold and lilac.

Box Park

Box Park is great for street photography, with its vibe, industrial warehouse containers, cafes, boutiques and fairy lights. The Roxy Cinema is an attractive corner on the block, as the lights enhance the vibrant colours of the containers.

La Mer

la mer dubai

La Mer is an urban beachfront venue in Dubai, which is particularly busy on weekends with families and beachgoers handing out at the food trucks and cafes. There are restaurants, boutiques, and street art lined along the streets that run parallel to the beachfront promenade. Just pick a mural that fancies you, and take a straight-on shot.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

la mer dubai

The Ras Al Khor is a tidal sanctuary with salt-water lagoons that attract resident and migratory bird species. Arrive at noon to beat the tour groups. At the Mangrove, you get to spot the grey herons, reef herons and more, while the Flamingo Hide is a gathering spot for pink-feathered supermodels, the more photogenic of the two. Use your zoom lens and quick shutter speeds to capture their movement and flight.

Instagram spots in Dubai

Instagram is a common social media platform that is increasingly popular today as you can post high-quality, captivating images or instagram stories about whatever you wish to highlight. You can also get people to engage with your posts through likes, shares, comments and so on.

As a tourist, you cannot find a more spectacular destination than Dubai for your instagram post. Dubai is one of the most glamorous destinations you would ever visit. Although the Burj Khalifa tops the list in the skyscraper skyline, the traditional souks provide you with attractive photo opportunities.

Here are some instagrammable spots in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Miracle Garden
  2. Burj Khalifa
  3. Madinat Jumeirah
  4. Dubai Marina
  5. Burj Al Arab
  6. JBR Beach

The Dubai Aquarium, The Dubai Frame, The Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, are few other instagrammable spots that you can consider visiting.

So, on your next trip to Dubai, make sure that you capture the complete spectrum of visual delights that the city has in store for you.

Read photography rules in Dubai.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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