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Sea Plane Tours in Dubai

15 April 2019

Set off on a magical journey giving wings to your vacations with Dubai's Seaplane tours. Taking off the flight from the waters, this exotic tour is in a true sense class epitomized. Amid the tranquil waters and the beautiful sea birds, the Sea plane tour is a luxury on the go. With the stunning aerial view of the city, glide over the iconic landmarks and gaze at the marvel of the man made wonder of the architectural geniuses. No less wonderful is passing over the artificially created archipelago of 300 islands evoking the shape of the seven continents of The World and the leaves of the Palm narrating the success story of Dubai.

Tagged as one of the must do things in Dubai, the tour come up in a number of categories with a variety of tour options available. From the standard tours to the specially crafted silver and gold deluxe tours, you can pick up the tour choice suiting your pockets.

sea plane tours

Dubai Creek Sea Plane Tour (Silver)

Evoking the memories of the traditional Dubai, the Dubai Creek Sea Plane Tour takes you to a nostalgic ride through the heritage and cultural world of Modern Dubai. With a gentle take off from the pristine and clear waters of Dubai Creek, the flight takes on to a journey to be relished throughout the life. Typically a 40 minute tour, the journey doesn't really end at the glimpse of the heritage world of Old Dubai but also ascends to make you visualize the high architectural parameters Dubai has set. Passing through the various landmarks like Port Rashid and the creek waters, the journey doesn't end here but has a lot more in the waiting. From the towering Burj Khalifa to the magical Burj al Arab, the Seaplane tour makes your experience touch new zeniths. Bringing back the seaplane to the starting point, the tour is a memory you will relive for ages to come. With the average costs generally starting from $400, there are many other offers and deals luring the tourists to go for this magical ride.

Dubai Jebel Ali Sea Plane Tour (Silver)

Pen down the memoirs of your visit to Dubai with an experience of a lifetime. Slipping from the buzz of the busy city waters, the Jebel Ali Seaplane sets your ride off from the solitary waters of Jebel Ali sea front. With a smooth take off from the Jebel Ali sea front, the flight mystically rise flying over the various marvels of the city and see them in its miniature designs. No other sight can be more mesmerizing than watching the leafy pattern of the palm tree at the Palm Jumeirah or the archipelago of the artificially created 300 islands, The World. No less interesting is to view the busy Jebel Ali port and the awesomely beautiful artificial canals and busy roads from thousands of feet above the ground. The 40 minutes dock to dock service comes with a pick and drop facility. Accommodating 9 passengers in the plane, this short flight is a perfect combo of a world class luxury and a visual treat to the eyes. Not to forget the comfortable seats designed to enjoy this thrilling ride.

Dubai Creek Sea Plane Tour (Gold)

Make your dream vacation fill with moments to be cherished forever. Book an exclusive charter flight for your loved moments and spend some quality moments visualizing some spectacular views. With the tour package labeled as Gold, it offers nothing less than luxury and lavishness. Plan out a special occasion or hold a meeting in an exclusively customized tailor made tour package. Presenting some beautiful aerial views of the Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab and other wonderful locations, you steer through the skyline of Dubai. Catering to the class and uncompromised comfort of the clients, the tour starts with the pick up in none other than the limo catching the gaze of the onlookers. Set off from the waters of Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club and go for a 40 minute journey in one of the most desired tours of Dubai. With the tour costing approx. $3000, there is no better style of exhibiting the class than going for the Gold category tour.

Dubai Jebel Ali Seaplane Tour (Gold)

Looking at the great landmarks that defines today's Dubai from the skies is something to be explained far beyond words. Plan a trip or an occasion with an exclusive charter flight giving your experience new wings. The Dubai Jebel Ali Seaplane Tour Gold Service takes you on this luxurious ride without compromising with the most important pre requisite of any journey i.e. safety. The 40 minute trip gives the insight of the city Dubai in one go be it gliding over the Majestic Burj al Arab or the stunning vision of the artificially built man made islands, The Palm and The World. This luxury treat starts before you step into the seaplane with the limo picking you up from your destination. With an accommodation capacity of 9 people, the tour provides with comfortable luxury seats and large glass windows to enjoy the unobstructed clear views. So enjoy the take off and landing back on the waters making it a never to forget moment in your life. If you have a taste of class and luxury, then this will surely be your pick.

Sakina Ora Habib

A creative freelance writer/editor living in Dubai, specializing in the areas of travel, food, education and lifestyle.

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