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10 things you can do on a 3 day visit to Dubai

19 February 2020

Dubai has one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the world, and it is full of glamour and indulgence. In Dubai, nothing is impossible. No amount of days can be enough to experience Dubai all at once. But, not all of us may have sufficient time for a complete trip around Dubai.

How many days is enough to visit Dubai?

How long is enough to visit Dubai, really depends on your preferences and aim. There are varied opinions on the perfect duration of stay in Dubai and what to do during that short visit. While some people visit Dubai only for sightseeing, others come to shop.

For instance, if you are staying for just 3 days in Dubai, ‘is 3 days enough to visit Dubai’? What can you do in Dubai in 3 days?’

For people who come just for sightseeing, 3 to 5 days may be enough to call it a 'visit/. During this time, you can visit the most popular sights and enjoy some good food.
For those of you who come to shop, may be a week is required to really explore the various malls in the city, with one of these being the biggest mall in the world. Others just come to relax, and they can spend a week's time lazing around the beach or pool and having some fun time at the theme parks. But, for the vast majority, it is the combination of these factors that matter.

If it is your very first visit to Dubai, it is best to stay atleast for a week, give yourself sufficient time to really get a feel for the city, so that you can do some sightseeing and some relaxing.

So, as mentioned earlier, no amount of days are sufficient for a complete experience of Dubai, but, you can plan the three-day trip as per the best highlights of the city, and based on your interests.

But, here are a few things that you could consider doing in your short visit to Dubai:

  1. A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a good view of the city itself. So, for a bird’s eye view of the city, visit the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. You need to purchase tickets for the observation deck, but an insider secret is the lounge At.Mosphere, in the 122nd floor. You may need to pre-book for the drinks, but, the whole experience is extraordinary.
    burj khalifa tower
  2. The Musical Water Fountains playing in the evenings outside Dubai Mall, underneath the towering Burj Khalifa is something that is not to be missed. The songs and the fountains show will be on every 30 minutes and it changes every time. To enjoy these amazing performances, you can even book an outside table at one of the surrounding restaurants.
  3. To know more about the history and to enjoy the natural beauty of Dubai, a desert safari is a good option. There are several travel agencies offering a complete package, and who can arrange for your pickup from local hotels. A safari usually includes dune-bashing, enjoying a sunset from a remote desert location, a camel ride, traditional dinner and a belly dancing show.
    desert safari
  4. The Miracle Garden is a unique sight worth watching in Dubai. Open only during the winter months, this miracle indeed seems like a slice of heaven. The gorgeous flower arrangements and garden create an atmosphere of peace, wherein adults and children alike get lost in the beauty. Looking at the explosion of colours, it is hard to believe that something so incredible is created every year in the middle of the desert.
    miracle garden dubai
  5. Ski the indoor slope at Mall of Emirates has traditional ski lifts that take you to the top. Experienced skiers can even practice their tricks on pipes and jumps scattered around the slope. A play park at the bottom with rides and slides keeps the young ones entertained. It would seem like a crazy experience to be wearing scarf and gloves indoors in the freezing temperature, while the outside can be a scorching 40°C.
  6. If you wish to spend the day with family and have fun, there is no better place than the Aquaventure Waterpark, one of the best waterparks in the city. Located in the outer arms of the famous Palm Islands in Atlantis, this largest water park in the Middle East and Europe is also a multi-award winning park.The 90-foot slides here, exit into a shark-infested lagoon, lazy river boat rides, and other thrilling slides.
  7. People from across the world flock to Dubai to indulge in some retail therapy. The malls scattered across Dubai have extended opening hours and so shopping will not a rushed affair for visitors. The malls are open until 10pm on week days and close only at midnight during weekends. The annual Dubai Shopping Festival early in the year offers several options for shopping and other events and competitions held across the city. The Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world is a must visit. Irrespective of whether you are searching for a handbag from a top designer, or the latest electronic gadget in the market, Dubai has it all, as retails giants like Paris Gallery, Bloomingdales and Galleries Lafayette are represented here.
  8. A Cinema, Ice Rink, and Aquarium can make for a perfect family entertainment amidst all the window-shopping, while there is also a whole modern souk area glittering with gold and diamond jewellery to suit every taste.
  9. The Dubai Calendar gets busier by the day, with more events and artists adding Dubai to their list of destinations. The Dubai World Cup is the richest horse race in the world that continues to grow in popularity with each passing year. For the sports-lovers, there are plenty of golf ranges, and events such as the Dubai Rugby 7s and Formula 1 Grand Prix. If you are a sport lover, you can plan your visit around these events. To stay updated about the events, and check on the events happenings in Dubai.
  10. One of the days, you can plan to end your day with a relaxing dinner cruise in Dubai Marina, the 3km stretch of artificial canal built along the Persian Gulf, having the most developed waterfronts in the world. The banks of the marina are lined by towering skyscrapers that form exclusive residences, malls, hotels and others, and a dhow cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy this spectacle of modern engineering. The skyscrapers brightly lit under the night sky reflect an unforgettable sight of Dubai, and you get to view the Dubai Yacht Club, Dubai Marinal Mall, JBR, and parts of the Palm. The dinner on the cruise would be delectable menu comprising international cuisines served in a buffet style.

On the whole, you will notice that you always need more time in Dubai. Then, once you return, you can plan your next visit, as you discover in your each visit that there is always something more in Dubai to see and do.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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