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Dubai Opera - Facilities, Location & Timings

10 April 2019

Art has no boundaries and is a seamless process crossing all the barriers and merging into the hearts of the people. Considering the growing inclination towards arts and the immense popularity of various art forms be it music, drama, sculpture or lines on the canvas, Dubai has proudly and zealously added one more feather to its cap, The Dubai Opera.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Opera is a fully dedicated performing arts center satisfying the cravings of all the passionate art seekers. The structure of the iconic Dubai Opera building designed by architect Janus Rostock remarkably blends tradition with contemporary design forms. Shaped in the structure of a Dhow, the place with a 2000 seating capacity has been planned to host a variety of events like operas, ballets, fashion shows, conference halls, live shows and art displays and exhibitions.

The building comes with an exquisite design of its own kind enabling to change its mode from concert to theater or vice versa and also altering into a flat floor mode enabling to serve the purpose of banquet hall or an event hall.

When transformed into a theater hall, the Dubai Opera allows a seating capacity of around 2000 people and comes around to organize various events like musicals, ballets, lectures and conferences etc. Converted into a concert hall, the building has a mesmerizing acoustic environment with the resounding echoes and astonishing sound delivering a great sound quality experience. When brought to the flat floor mode, the place spreads into a 2000 square meters’ area also to serve hosting various events like wedding parties, art exhibitions etc.

Giving the breath taking views of the iconic Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Opera also houses a number of other amenities like a rooftop restaurant and a sky garden reminiscing of the sparkling world of Dubai.


The Dubai Opera is open from 10am in the morning till 9pm. Tickets can be purchased from the external box office housed in the Opera Plaza. If planning a beforehand visit to catch up with your favorite show, then the tickets can also be booked online. With various shows being performed at the magnifying Dubai Opera, the timings for the various shows vary and should be well enquired when going for the booking of your favorite shows be it an opera, ballet or a live performance.

With various shows pertaining to the tastes of ardent art seekers, a wide array of shows can be selected from a variety of genres like theatre, ballet, musical or performances fitting to the tastes of the entire family.


Users with Special Needs:

Ensuring to provide facilities to people with all kind of special needs, the Dubai Opera gives easy accessibility at all the levels for wheelchair users and provide memorable experience to the guests.


An easy access to restrooms is available at all the levels including Upper Balcony, Lower Balcony, The Promenade Level and Basement Parking 1.

Besides the restrooms, lifts and escalators are also available giving an easy and convenient access to all the levels.

Lifts and Escalators:

Lifts are available for access to all the levels of Dubai Opera and escalator is also present for accessing between the Lower Balcony and the Upper Balcony. Besides the lift and escalator, a stair lift is also facilitated at the Promenade Level.

Pick Up and Drop Off

Valet Parking facility is available for the special needs people where they can be easily dropped off and also picked up giving priority to their utmost comfort and convenience. The Basement 2 parking Plaza also offers 10 dedicated disabled parking slots for special abled people.


A 24 -hour paid parking facility is available at Dubai Opera’s car park. It also offers valet parking to the guests.


Vida Hotels and Resorts:

With just a 10-minute walkable distance from the iconic Burj Khalifa, Vida Hotels and resorts is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai. It has emerged as a most likeable hotel among the business travelers and the leisure seekers alike. Vida, which means life in Spanish is a hotel designed with all modern luxuries and amenities greatly appealing the young generation. The Vida Hotel is conveniently located amidst the vicinity of major tourist destinations like the Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera.

If you intend to witness the grandeur of Dubai Opera and also want to enjoy other destinations in the city, then you can opt for a stay in the Vida Hotel in the Downtown Dubai.

The Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai

Redefining class and luxury in style, The Address Downtown clearly epitomizes the grandeur in its own kind. Nestled amidst the bustling Downtown, the Address hotel gives a perfect stay to business executives and holidaymakers alike. Enjoy the shows at the Dubai Opera while also planning a relaxing sojourn at The Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai.

Besides there are many other accommodation and stay options available in the vicinity of Dubai Opera and also in other parts of the city for the ones who aspire to witness the splendor of Dubai Opera while also vacationing in the city of Dubai.


With quite a few fine dining options available in Downtown Dubai, one can satiate the appetite along with the visual treat experienced at Dubai Opera. Enjoy the tastes of a variety of cuisines be it the Indian tastes at Amal Armani or getting a Parisian touch with La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie housed in the lively Vida Downtown Dubai.

Savor the richness of Japanese food at Armani/Hashi Restaurant or tickle your taste buds in a vibrant Italian setting at Armani/Ristorante.

Besides these dining places, there are a variety of options available for the people looking for food options available in and around Dubai Opera.

For more details, pertaining to Dubai Opera shows and other timing and ticket details information, one can visit the website.

Sakina Habib

A creative freelance writer/editor living in Dubai, specializing in the areas of travel, food, education and lifestyle.

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