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Dubai Attractions

Dubai Tours, Activities and Adventures

Looking for things to do on your Dubai holiday? Here are some ideas that will help you plan your visit to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Touring around Dubai City

Dubai's tour companies offer a variety of options to give visitors a glimpse of all attractions within Dubai City. There are half-day tours, full day tours, desert safari tours and golf course tours. These tour companies can even organize custom tours for groups, corporate events and conference in Dubai and even offer to pick up tourists from their hotel or residence.

A half-day tour of Dubai City might begin at the Jumeirah Mosque and down along the Jumeirah beach road, one of the most luxurious urban landmarks in Dubai. As the tour moves towards the skyscraper area of Sheikh Zayed Road, tourists get a close-up view of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, the Emirates Towers and the Dubai World Trade Center. The next part of this tour is a trip along the Dubai Creek and the Al Bastakiya's old wind tower houses, built by wealthy merchants of the past and a stop at the historical Al Fahidi Fort, now converted into the Dubai Museum. Towards the end of the tour, visitors are taken through the Abra (water ferry) station where they can walk through the bustling alleys of spice and gold souks. This will give a glimpse of Dubai's growth as major trading center.

A city tour is a fantastic way to see Dubai being that has excellent roads and is compact in size. Several companies in Dubai offering tours through the heart of Dubai City, that will take you to the souks and traditional markets, the Sheikh Saeed's House, dhow-building yards, the Heritage and Diving Village, the Wind Tower houses of Bastakiya area and the Jumeirah Mosque.

Hatta wadi trips

Just 100 kilometers from Dubai sits the oasis, Hatta wadi. On the road to Hatta, there is incredible scenery: majestic dunes of red sand and the exceptionally stark landscape of the Hajar Mountains. There is also a famous Portuguese fort from the 16th century along the way. Next, there is a stop at Heritage Village featuring traditional houses depicting typical village life in the mountains. But the real adventure begins when the tour takes you on the trails of the wadis, the dried riverbed in the Hajar mountains, to reach fresh water pools, where you can take a dip in the blue waters of the pools and enjoy refreshment. The tour then stops at the famous 5-star Hatta Fort Hotel for lunch, and then returns to Dubai via a break at the traditional street market where locally manufactured pottery and carpets are sold.

Scuba diving and deep sea fishing

For divers, the coastline of the Emirates offers a colorful world of coral reefs and a fascinating marine life waiting to be explored. Khorfakkan, or "the Creek of Two Jaws" as it is also known, is the most scenic location in the country and also considered the best scuba diving around, offering breathtaking glimpses of underwater life.

For those who know how to swim, we can get you a padi license in less than 5 days. We will also teach you how to use the equipment with the help of a qualified instructor, so that you can enjoy a thrilling diving experience.

There are also deep-sea fishing tours, one of the favorite past times in Dubai. Departure is from the hotel by minibus. Boarding is from Creek or from the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. Deep-sea fishing tours typically last for about 4 hours. The crew is well experienced in sport fishing in the gulf waters. Bait for fishing is also provided.

Water sports

Dubai boasts of 12hours of sun a day and vacationers can enjoy the many watersports activities that Dubai offers: parasailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, pedal boats and many more.

Helicopter tours

A thrilling way to see Dubai is to take a helicopter tour. Oasis Palm Tourism has helicopter tours that will give you a one-of-a-kind, panoramic, birds-eye perspective of Dubai that will leave you breathless.

Sharjah tours

Sharjah is a chosen UNESCO Heritage site, and has been deemed as the cultural capital of the Emirates. The tour begins by visiting the old town of Sharjah and the Al Hisn fort built 1820 by the royal family then continues to the Sharjah heritage area, the al Asrah souq with shops selling's an exciting array of traditional silver jewelry gulf pearls, antiques, handicrafts and daggers.

Abu Dhabi /Al Ain tour

Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE harbors over 500 shops selling everything and anything under the sun. This is the place to get some great bargains. Abu Dhabi has towering buildings and palaces, offering scenic photographic opportunities of Arabian architecture. Al Ain is considered as the greenest city in the Arabian Gulf. A tour through its Buraimi souk provides for a pleasant walk and a good opportunity to buy Omani handcrafted daggers.

Shopping tours

Dubai is probably the most westernized and advanced city in the Middle East, and claims to be the shopping center of the world with nearly twenty major shopping malls. A shopping tour may be just the ticket for serious shoppers wanting to see if Dubai can really live up to its reputation.

Dubai City Tour Video

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