Saturday, November 01, 2014
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Latest Dubai News

    Dubai working towards the title of largest airport in world

    Recently, the Chicago OHare International Airport was recorded as busiest airport in the world in terms of overall air traffic, surpassing Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and London Heathrow’s Paris Charles de Gaulle and Beijing Capital International.

    Now time for tallest twinned skyscrapers

    Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding have joined hands to build a huge development along the Dubai Waterfront, with six residential towers and a pair of rocket-shaped twin buildings, which is considered to be world’s tallest twinned skyscrapers.

    Second edition of Dubai Grand Parade on 28th November

    The second edition of the Dubai Grand Parade will open on 28th November, bringing in UAEs most luxurious cars and bikes.

    The Jumeirah Corniche stretch opened to public

    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced the opening of Jumeirah Corniche, stretching 14kms at the beach, overlooking six residential communities starting from the backyard of the Dubai Marine Beach Resort upto Burj Al Arab Hotel.

    New service enables UAE nationals to renew passports via smartphones

    A new service introduced by the Interior Ministry for Naturalization, Residency and Ports, enables UAE nationals to renew their passports through their smart phones, without having to visit the service centres, except for special cases that require personal presence.

Tourism and Travel Information of Dubai UAE

Around the globe, you will find that the most popular tourist hotspots have spent decades building their infrastructure and reputation to attract visitors from the world over, so Dubai's quick ascension as a premier travel destination has certainly got people turning heads. Credit is due to the intelligent efforts of Dubai's government; because of it, Dubai tourism has exploded within a short span of time.

Dubai (Dubayy), like its neighbors, sits on rich oil resources, but really first attracted attention as a tourist destination with its annual Shopping Festival. With royal foresight, it was the Sheikh of Dubai who saw the need to create another form of trade to support its economy, knowing the eventuality of oil resources would run out one day and an annual event wasn’t enough. And so began the plans to convert Dubai into a luxurious holiday and vacation spot and a commercial center as well. Today, a large portion of the money earned by the old oil economy is now being pumped into promoting Dubai travel and tourism. Dubai is now known as a premier travel destination, with recreation, dining and entertainment for every age group.

Dubai already attracts thousands of business professionals on a daily basis. Located centrally where Europe, Africa, and Asia meet, Dubai accommodates well for the convening of international business. With this in mind, many facilities in Dubai have been built to facilitate tradeshows and exhibitions. The most popular of these is the Dubai World Trade Center.

Dubai boasts of magnificent resorts like the Burj Al Arab, seven-star hotels, world-renowned golf courses, desert safaris, snowboarding on sand dunes and indoor skiing and of course, some of the best shopping in the world. Dubai also offers much for the family: water parks, museums, historical sites, beaches and the zoo. With the cooler weather months from October to April, Dubai makes for a leisurely, enjoyable holiday stay. Cricket matches, camel racing, major sporting events and the Dubai Summer Surprises are just a sampling of what this exciting city has to offer. The combination of all these amenities in a sheltered and luxurious setting, have made Dubai one of the top vacation destinations in the world.

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A sparkling gem in the desert, the city of Dubai is host to more than 10 million visitors a year, and has quickly become known for its world-class dining, unparalleled shopping, prestigious sporting events and year-round recreational activities. Guide2Dubai is your portal to all that is Dubai: local attractions, hotels, restaurants, properties, jobs, sports, entertainment, travel/relocating info and more.

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