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Aquaventure Dubai

11 April 2019

Aquaventure is one of the most important and superb attractions in Dubai, and is the right place for adventurous souls. It is easily accessible, and is located in the Atlantis, The Palm Hotel and Resort, on the outer rim of the well-known Palm Jumeirah Island.

The Island is the one and only artificial palm-shaped island, located adjacent to Downtown Dubai. Ever-since its opening in 2009, Aquaventure, being a water park, has offered numerous attractions for families. Aquaventure Dubai is spread across 42 acres of space, surrounded by the Palm Trees, and the sparkling Arabian Gulf.

Water is the dominating element at Aquaventure Dubai, which overflows with fun, including Speedslides, Master Blasters, rapids, rivers, Splashers Children’s play area, amidst lush landscapes and a private beach. Ranging from water-coasters, slides, to shark filled lagoons, rapids etc., this place offers quality entertainment to adults and children alike, though some of the rides do not allow children below the height of 1.2meters. There is also a restaurant and Aquaventure beach for guests to relax.

Aquaventure Dubai is located in a pleasant setting, with palm trees decorating the river-sides, and other water bodies. At the heart of the water park is the ‘Ziggurat’, the stunning architectural structure, which is the source of several water slides at Aquaventure.

Aquaventure Dubai



The pools at Aquaventure Dubai have several slides, including water and river slides of every size. One of the main attractions of Aquaventure is the Ziggurat Pool, which is simply picturesque. It symbolizes and resembles the South American Ziggurat, and on sliding down from the Ziggurat, you get to slide into a pool, which leads you into a tuber underwater, wherein you get the feel of having touched the beautiful huge sharks.

There are special pools meant for little children, too. After having spent sufficient time in the pools, you can consider visiting the beachside of Aquaventure, the private beach of the resort. The Atlantis Resort also offers a dive centre, which offers you the option of enrolling for the course, if you like to.

Apart from these, there are are the water-coaster rides such as The Plunge, Falls, Stinger and the Surge. The Surge is the second-most thrilling ride at Aquaventure Dubai. All the rides are an inspiration for dare-devilry at the Ziggurat, while few even permit children. River Rides offer subdued entertainment, while the Rapids are fast-paced thrilling rides, taken on water journey through caverns with several twists and turns, meant for adventure sport enthusiasts. The ride follows a 600 meter course of the river, with 1 meter waves splashing on the guests.

Splasher's Play area

As for children, there is the Splasher's Play Area. It is basically a water playground and a major source of excitement for kids due to the splashing water and slides that it offers. The play area also has tipping buckets that spin around, and release large amount of water. Then, there are the climbing frames, rope bridges, and increased adventure levels in slides for children. Water jets and cannons too, add to the entertainment options.

Lost Chamber

The Lost Chamber segment is one of the main attractions in Aquaventure. The Lost Chamber is actually built under water, and resembles a labyrinth. When you walk inside, you get the feeling of being in a different world, surrounded by beautiful fishes under the water. You can also actually see the ruins of ancient street lines, and some parts of houses. Overall, it is like viewing an exhibition under water. It actually depicts the culture of Atlantis, while the remains seen during excavations show each part of the Lost Chamber. In fact, there are special teaching courses for children about the Lost Chambers and the culture of the Lost Continent, the Atlantis. You also get to see the miniature model of 'Hydropolis', the incredible architectural dreams ever planned.

Dolphin Bay

The Dolphin Bay is the other part of Aquaventure, wherein you get to see all the beautiful species of fishes. The huge Dolphin Bay is the place to see amazing species of fishes, of all types from small to big.

Aquaventure beach

Also forms a part of the water park, wherein, you can unwind yourself under the palm trees, gazing out at the Arabian Gulf.

On the whole, Aquaventure is no-doubt, a popular attraction, which one should not miss while in Dubai. Guests staying at the Atlantis, have unlimited access to the water park. The water park is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Robin Vinod

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