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Safety in Dubai – Important Travel Advise for Tourists

14 February 2020

safety in dubai

The UAE, particularly Dubai, is a safe place to visit. However, as a visitor to a foreign country, it is not surprising if you have been checking out for an answer for this question ‘is it safe to travel to Dubai?’  Well, not to worry, Dubai is designated as one of the ‘safest’ holiday destinations by the international travel industry. However, in whichever part of the world you are, it is essential to take some sensible precautions so that you don’t land yourself in danger. For instance, in the first place, it is wise to carry travel insurance and follow normal precautions to safeguard yourself and your valuables.

The low crime rates in Dubai, ensures a trouble-free stay for visitors. Nevertheless, you are advised to take care of your valuables in busy public places and when using public transport. Just as in most other parts of the world, Middle Eastern nations are also vulnerable to threat of terrorism. So keep yourself updated on the current news and developments. Further, it would be sensible to avoid participating in any sort of political gathering or demonstration in any foreign country. 

In case of emergency, you can call the numbers mentioned at Dubai travel tips page.

Here are some queries often asked by visitors planning a vacation in Dubai:

Is it safe to vacation in Dubai?

So, how safe is Dubai as a vacation destination? This is a common and good question to ponder upon before you plan a vacation to any foreign destination. Dubai has seen considerable increase in tourist numbers over the years, as tourism is very important in Dubai. The government takes real interest in making the country a clean, safe place to visit. In the 2018 Global Peace Index, the UAE has been ranked at 53 out of 163 countries. The Dubai Police Force is also well-equipped, and the CCTVs are installed all over place. A combination of all this does make Dubai pretty efficient in catching crimes.

But, just as in any other place in the world, crime does exist in Dubai, although it is mostly petty thefts. That said, these may be the least of your concerns for a safe visit to Dubai.  But, more than this, to keep yourself safe in Dubai, it is important to respect the local laws and culture, and ensure that you do not cross the limits.

So, while Dubai is a safe place to visit from a technical point of view, it may not be very liberal one unlike what you see in other western countries and hence it is safer to keep yourself updated with latest visitor rules and guidelines.

Are there pickpockets in Dubai? Can you walk around in Dubai?

Yes, you can walk around freely in Dubai, but, just as in any place apply caution when moving in crowded public places. Although you are not likely to be pick-pocketed during your vacation or stay in Dubai, it may come as an annoying surprise to hear that there were instances when a small percentage of people who were targeted by petty thieves during their time in the city. So, the best thing to do would be, instead of leaving things to fate, take control and gain peace of mind by taking some precautions to keep your money, passport and other valuables in a safe security belt that may tuck under your clothes, or in a hidden zipper pocket.

Is Dubai safe for women?

Dubai is a safe destination for women travellers. In fact, Dubai is among the safe Middle Eastern cities for women. Women are seen often commuting alone for travel or work. Dubai is definitely one of the liberal cities in this region.

Women are permitted to drive, work etc, and lead a liberal lifestyle here, in comparison to several other Gulf counterparts. However, you may be in for unwanted attention if you are travelling alone. Women travellers should be aware that they are visiting a place that adheres to strong traditional roots.

But that said, although Dubai has low crime rate in general, just as anywhere in the world, there can be crime against women if they are not cautious enough. So, apply basic safety precautions, like being careful walking around at night, watching your drink when you are at bars, asking the right people for help etc.

It would probably be better if you plan a relaxed visit and stay in one of the four or five star accommodations in Dubai, so that you can use the private beach facilities in the hotel. 

It is better to avoid wearing tight or revealing clothes when travelling away from the beach clubs and resorts. For instance, loose trousers and long sleeved cotton shirt may fit the bill. When socializing in local company, it is better to wait until a hand is offered to you for a handshake, as some devout Muslims do not prefer to shake hands with women.

In UAE, usually women are otherwise given priority and attended first at banks, post offices, police stations, while the government offices have a separate queue for women.

The bottom line is that Dubai is a safe place, no-doubt, but, as a visitor you should still be mindful of your belongings and surroundings.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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