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Dubai eases business trip visa rules, new labour laws announced

19 November 2021

In a move aimed at strengthening the economic competitiveness, the UAE has announced a five-year multiple-entry visa to facilitate business trips for foreign employees of firms that have their base in the UAE.

The UAE also unveiled new private sector labour laws, which is likely to get effective in February 2022.

dubai visa
Recently, the emirate has come up with a series of economic and legal laws, including offering long-term residency visas, aimed at drawing foreign investment and foreigners in order to help the economy recover from the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the Crown Prince of Dubai, the five-year multiple entry visa will help Dubai-based companies to move in and out of the emirate easily for purposes such as meetings, or other business needs.

As for the new labour law announced, it aims to create an efficient labour market, draw talent, empower women and improve the numbers of nationals in private sector, as compared to expats, the Minister of HR and Emiratisation, Abdulrahman al-Awar said.

The law also bans employers from holding passports of employees and forcing them to leave the country at the end of an employment contract, a ministry statement said.

The law also prohibits workplace discrimination based on fact

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