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Dubai Spice Market

28 June 2016

Going through the meandering ways in the old town of Deira, the Dubai Spice market reminisces of the rich traditions and bygone days of this glittering cosmopolitan. Located opposite to the Dubai Creek, the rich aromas and the pungent smell of the herbs and the spices entices one into its charm and welcome the passerbys into this modern Arabic World. The place is easily accessible being situated in the heart of the city with well connected to almost all the major public transports in the city. Looking at the shops which are very small in size, one can less imagine what treasures they have in store.

With the spices and the herbs exported from the countries like India, Pakistan and Iran, the stocks arrive almost everyday in the traditional dhows embarked in the creek waters adjacent to the spice market. The herbs from all the corners of the world can be found in this old market place be it the aromatic cardamom or cinnamon or clove or pepper or any other spice richly dipped in the pungent smells and flavors.

Dubai Spice Market

Loading and unloading of the huge spices and herbs sacks keep the street lively with the chatter of the sailors and the traders always flowing in the air. Other than the spices, the small shops also have in stores sacks full of henna, bukhoor, incense sticks alongside the sheesha water pipes kept outside the shops. It is indeed a beautiful sight with so many bright colors of the spices decoratively and meticulously heaped up side by side to each other conveniently capturing attention of the passersby.

Besides the medicinal herbs and the spices, the things which cannot go unnoticed are the heaps of rich dry fruits that can be shopped in the market. One can get some of the finest quality of dry fruits like almonds, pistachio, dates, cashews, pine seeds and dried figs and apricots in the shops in the spice souq. As one moves on in the inner small alleys of the marketplace, quite a few other shops and items can be explored like handicrafts and other artifacts reminiscing of the old days of the city.

The narrow alleys never seems to come to a close as one lane leads to the other making your feet tired but not the shopping appetite. There are few shops selling grocery products and other household items for the sailors that come on the dhows. Not far from the cluster of spice shops, the aromatic fragrance of the perfumes and ouds hit your senses giving a welcome feel in this part of Arabia. One can come across quite a few shops of rich perfumes and ouds scattering their mesmerizing odors in the air.

The handicrafts and other artifacts can also be seen across in the market. The market is located in the heart of the city and can well be commuted through various means of transport be it a cab or the nearby Al Ras Metro Station. If looking for a more economic yet fancy means of transport, then board the traditional ferry boat, Abra in the creek waters situated opposite to the Spice Market.

Sakina Habib

A creative freelance writer/editor living in Dubai, specializing in the areas of travel, food, education and lifestyle.

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