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Best Places to Shop in Dubai - Shopping Guide

12 May 2016

Dubai never stops shopping. From the glittering magnanimous malls to the numerous retails and wholesale markets in the alleys of Dubai, all kinds of stuffs are at hand in this shopping paradise. Ranging from the high end designer and luxurious brands of footwear, glasses, apparels or watches to the middle ranged products fitting all the pockets, the Dubai markets never disappoint the shopoholics.

With the shopping festivals and various offers and sales being run at the various times of the year, it is indeed pocket savvy with getting good offers on high end luxury goods as well middle ranged goods. Besides the malls, there are famous old markets set in the heart of the city like Naif Souq, Meena Bazaar where the shoppers can get almost everything they are looking for.

Just go for exploring the city interiors and the narrow alleys and you will come across a variety of apparels, shoes, handbags, souvenirs, perfumes, watches, spices, carpets and all the things you would like to shop in Dubai.

Dubai shopping guide


Looking to shop for some of the best brands clothing than Dubai has lot more to offer than you might be thinking. From the top notch brands to the middle ranged as well as economic friendly clothing, the markets are all stuffed with the clothes of your choices.

If you are looking for high end branded apparels, then head on to the malls in the city. Almost all the shopping malls being it the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Ibn Batutta Mall or Ghurair City Centre or Burjuman have the stores of the apparels under their roof.

With the sales running during the festive season or even during some other times of the year, one may find great deals and offers on their favorite clothing brands. Complimenting the fashion ethics of every age group, the malls are clustered with all kinds of retail outlets that are stored with kids wear, sports wear, women fashion, men fashion, accessories etc. to name a few.

If you are looking for Indian and Pakistani designs, then head on to shopping to Meena Bazaar situated in the heart of Bur Dubai to get an array of Indian and Pakistani design clothing.

Besides the high end branded clothing, you can find some good economic friendly stuff in Deira where many small shops try to lure the customers with quite a few pocket friendly stuffs at the dispense for the shoppers. If you wish to buy some traditional Arabic wear like Abayas and hijabs, then you can have a go to the Naif Market in Deira, where you one can find plenty of shops in and around the Naif Souq.

Hand Bags

From Michael Kors to Aldo, Ripani to Coach, there are a wide range of accessories, bags, fashion bags, business cases and other leather products available that add class and charm to your entire personality. Starting from the high range products to some of the middle ranged items, Dubai markets seem to please everyone with the wide collection of choices they provide to satiate almost every pocket.

Showcasing the glittering side of Dubai, almost all the world class brands are roofed under most of the malls of the city. From the luxurious brands like Aldo or Gucci to Versace to some of the pocket friendly branded stuffs, all options are at hand for the shoppers in the city.

If you are looking for not so expensive branded stuff, then you can head on to Centrepoint or Shoemart or Splash or several other outlets, where the variety of choices wont be less as well.

Delve into the interior alleys of the city, where you will get good non branded as well as branded stuff at good bargain price. One can find plenty of choices in the busy parts of the city like Deira, Bur Dubai and Naif Souq but you need to hunt a lot for the some of the different as well as good things you might be looking for. Mushriq Market is also filled with many hand bags and travel bags shops but many of the shops are wholesalers so they might not sell individual pieces but still you might come across few retail shops as well.

Perfumes and Ouds

Having an ancient lineage of the great inclinations for the enticing aromas of oud and scents, this cosmopolitan Arabic city has gloriously retained its culture of the colognes. But the changing eras and the mix of cultures have brought a lot more perfumery items with all kinds of top notch brands venturing in the booming Dubai markets.

With the fragrance spotted in the malls in the city to the traditional souks, there are traditional Emirati and Middle Eastern Brands like Ajmal, Swiss Arabian and Arabian Perfumery with their stores in the glitzy malls of Dubai. Besides being located in the malls, the brands like Ajmal Perfumeries also have their retail outlets in the old markets of Deira. The fragrance of the scents and attars take one into the nostalgic old times of finest quality and unique smells.

Unlikely the top notch perfume makers like Ajmal, Ne’emah and Swiss Arabian located in most of the malls, not so grand in style but filled with silky fragrance vials can be looked for in Perfume Souq in Deira. One might come across a bundle of perfumeries with open vials scattering hard hitting strong fragrances as well as soft silky odors in the air.

Go and buy a bit of Bakhoor, a traditional thing used to scent the homes and the surroundings often found in Emirati houses. You can have a pick of Bakhoor from the Spice Souq in Deira or in any of the malls in the city.


Looking for some cool deals on electronics, then you can find no place better than Dubai. The tourist and the shopping scene in Dubai is always on its peak and so the array of choices opened for individuals are no less either. All the leading electronic brands with the latest models are readily available in Dubai with enormous choices for the customers with amazing discounts. The majority of the global brands are housed in most of the showrooms and leading electronic outlets with the latest gadgets showcased in tax free Dubai state. There are many leading electronic chains having their stores placed in the various malls as well as retails outlets in the city like Emax, Jacky’s, Sharaf DG, Jumbo, Plug Inns etc.

One can find all kinds of electronic stuffs in these stores like home appliances, PSPs, laptops, computer accessories, LEDs, LCDs, smart phones, cameras, camcorders of all the leading global brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Sony, Philips, LG along with other brands like Sharp, Hisense, Hitachi etc.

If you are looking for computer accessories as well as PCs and laptops, then you can just roam around in the Computer Street situated in the heart of Bur Dubai where you can get a number of products at good rates. A number of small shops based in the lanes and interiors parts of the city where also one can find most of the brands at good offers.

Gitex fair is also organized every year round displaying the leading gadgets with a bundle of offers luring customers with a variety of choices.


All that glitters is not gold but in Gold Souq Dubai everything that glitters is gold dazzling the eyes with awe and wonder. The Gold Souq is a hotspot destination with the place being in the list of must visit tourist places in Dubai. Entering into the Gold Souq, one can imagine of the opulence that is in the waiting.

With numerous retail shops located in the Deira Gold Souq area, one can find variety of gold accessories with awe striking shine and designs like necklaces, bangles, wrist pieces, rings, chains etc. in 18 carat, 22 carat and 24 carat. Besides the gold articles, there are jewelry items of other precious metals like platinum, diamond, silver etc. There are so many shops that it is indeed difficult to decide what to purchase as all the pieces look stunning and beautiful.

Other than the Deira Gold Souq, the Meena Bazaar Gold Market is no less dazzling and mesmerizing. There are plenty of designs and jewelry pieces available in Meena Bazaar with the shops always filled with people looking forward to purchase some glittering jewelry pieces. If you wish to invest the money, then going for 24 carat gold coins and bars is also not a bad choice either.

Many of the malls also have designer jewelry brands housed under their roofs with some exotic designs sure enough to spellbound the onlookers.


Exhibiting the passion in the world of horology, the watch lovers would surely get the pick of their choice in the luxury watch market of Dubai. Understanding the inclination of people for style and class, the luxury seekers get the taste of world class Swiss along with other global luxury brands like Rolex, Omega, Audemar’s Piguet, Patek Phillipe, Hublot, Bvlgari etc. Housed in the magnanimous malls of the city, describing the watches classy and stylish would be an understatement. The watches displayed in the glittering glass showcases catch the gazes of the onlookers making them wonder with awe.

The watches shopping is limited not only to high end luxury brands but also several middle ranged watches are also available for the shoppers looking forward to buy some classic or stylish timepieces. If looking for some stylish wristlets, then one can just move around in the Deira or Bur Dubai market where several retail shops also have good watches in their store.


Facing the creek in the old town of Deira, the aromatic fragrances of spices and natural herbs gives a welcoming feel in this modern Arabic world. The air in the narrow alleys of Spice Souq is filled with the enticing smells of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, turmeric, pepper, mixed herbs and all other spices ready to lure the passerby in their charm. The shops are small but it has a treasure of abundant spices and herbs in its store.

The stocks arrive almost everyday transported by the traditional Dhow boats embarked in the creek waters of Deira with fresh stocks coming from various countries like India, Pakistan etc.

The souq is open seven days a week with the shops opening at 9:00 in the morning till 10:00 in the night. Generally, the shops are closed in the afternoon between 1:00-4:00pm. On Fridays, the shops are closed in the morning but the hustle bustle in this busy market street starts from 4pm continuing till 10pm. Besides the spices and the medicinal herbs, quite a few antique and handicrafts shops are sure enough to catch an eye of the tourists and the local shoppers alike. The mode of payment accepted is basically cash and can also try for bargaining for the goods you wish to buy.

Dry Fruits

When it comes to buy the various food items in Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is to shop the dry fruits. Premium and quality dry fruits can be shopped in the Deira market where one can find quite a few shops heaped with dry fruits in its store. Other than the Deira market, the dry fruits can also be bought from various supermarkets and other dry fruits shops in Bur Dubai or other parts of the city.

Gifts and Souvenirs

There is no better way to treasure the memories than carrying the gifts and souvenirs of the place one is visiting. Souvenirs are the best buys with the majority of the souqs and markets lined up with a number of gift articles and handicrafts that reminisces of the art and tradition of the city. You can find various gift articles like toy camels, showpieces and so on.

Dubai is a shopping paradise where one can get almost everything that they want to buy but these are some of the things which surely should not go for a miss when planning to shop in Dubai.

Sakina Habib

A creative freelance writer/editor living in Dubai, specializing in the areas of travel, food, education and lifestyle.

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