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Dubai Duty Free

02 September 2015

Attracting the tourists and entrepreneurs from across the globe, the highly organized and planned aviation system of Dubai has made it one of the most accessible airports in the word. Mirroring the image of grandeur and lavishness of Dubai, the Dubai International Airport and most importantly Terminal 3 in its best way replicates the high life Dubai. The moment you step in at the airport of Dubai, the luxurious shopping experience at the Dubai Duty Free is in the waiting. Considered a shopping hub, you can try your first hand at shopping from the Duty Free itself.

Contributing to almost 5% of the global airport duty business, it has often been crowned as being the world’s largest airport retailers with the mountain high sales figures evidencing its success story. Beginning its operations in 1983, the success story of the Duty Free has no looking back with a lot more to offer to the fliers than one can expect of. It goes without saying that the idea behind its slogan Go Buy Dubai comes into life at the Duty Free. With a wide array of shops and kiosks ranging from jewelry to perfumes, electronics to gifts and souvenirs, from watches to cosmetics, this shopping arena has in its store a collection of everything you would love to shop.

With a humble beginning of $44000 in the year 1983, the DDF showed skyrocketing growth in 2011 with whopping $1.46 billion revenue generated to its credit. Keeping in mind the influx of large number of passengers and looking at its overwhelming success, there has been a continual vast expansion in the retail area. Interconnected with the Terminal 1 and 2, the transit area of the Dubai International Airport has a lot more in its abode than an ordinary flying experience. If you have a small halt, then the airport has taken a great care of your small stay with a number of recreational facilities like swimming pools, spas and internet access to keep you connected.

With so many temptations around, the place is not only a shopper’s paradise, but also a dreamer’s world with some of the most interesting draws available at the shopping complexes. Talking about the Dubai Duty Free, the first thing striking to the minds are the lucky draws luring the passengers in its magical extravaganza. Who doesn’t know about the famous luxury car draw which made it one of the most famous things of Dubai? Making around 1400 people lucky with the luxury cars, the draw takes place every week with a successful track record of 20 years. Ranging from Jaguar to Mercedes, BMW to Porsche, this unparalleled luxury win has caught the gaze of one and all.

Dubai Duty Free


Providing a round the clock service for the passengers, the Dubai Duty Free shops are open 24x7 living up to the high aspirations that come with DDF. The majority of the shops are clustered in the departure area with a few located at the arrival areas as well. The shops are located on all the three terminals of Dubai International Airport, the classiest and lavish Duty free experience can be felt at the Terminal 3 which is exclusively used by the Emirates airlines. Considered a shopping haven, many fliers and shopoholics plan a journey via Dubai if not staying just to visit and see the vast Duty Free shopping complex. Comprising the shopping, there are also a number of offers run by the brands luring the passengers in its charm. Step at the Dubai airport and you can make your purchasing at the Duty Free entering its premise. The shopping can be done with the local currency notes with the international debit cards also being accepted.


Famous for its traditional Oudh aromas and many world famous brands, the perfume sales recorded a gigantic 16% of the total sales in the first quarter of 2014. With some expensive Oudhs, there is also a wide availability of big perfume brands like Calvin Klein, Burberry, Montblanc, Jean Paul Gaultier and Bvlgari to name a few. Uncompromising with the other luxurious tastes, the chrono pieces will glamorize the wristlets in a most exotic way. Many of the great brands are clustered under the same roof like Breitling, Rolex, Omega, Citizen and all the other timepieces brands which make a place in luxury seeker wish list.

Famed for its collection of precious metals and stone jewelry especially gold, Dubai has the famous Gold Souq that clearly epitomizes the name given to Dubai as the city of gold. But if you are just halting at the place for few hours, still the Dubai Duty Free doesn’t disappoint you of your plan of precious metal purchasing. There are a few gold shops including designer items where you might go for your gold shopping. If you want to buy solid gold bars, then the varying carats gold bars like 22, 18 and 24 are also available.


The prices of a number of products at the Dubai Duty Free are listed in its catalogue which is available on the official Duty Free website. You can also compare the prices of the various items by converting the international rates into the local currency i.e. AED. With the exchange house at the airport, you can exchange your home currency into the local notes if you wish to as the international currencies are also accepted. It is suggested to go through the Dubai Custom rules and regulations guide for the people who are entering the city for the list of goods on which duty won't be imposed.

Mega Raffle Draw

If you really want to try your luck, then do not forget to purchase a mega raffle draw of a luxury car or a super bike. You never know when the trip can be really lucky. The dream of becoming a millionaire can be a reality with its promotional draw of Millennium Millionaire of US$ 1,000,000 coming at a ticket price of AED 1000.00 or US$ 277.78.

So to say it all, Dubai Duty Free is a wonderful experience of its kind and is definitely worth a visit.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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