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Deira City Center

03 September 2015

This shopping center in Dubai is located opposite the Creek Golf and Yacht Club on Beniyas Road. It is open from 10am to midnight on weekdays and 2pm to midnight on Friday. Despite the longer hours in comparison to other shopping centers in Dubai, the Deira City Center is still crowded on every day of the week.

The main attraction here is the Carrefour (formerly known as the Continent). This is the Deira City Center's hypermarket and IKEA, the furniture store. Thanks to the ever present 10 Dhs craziness that is attached by vendors to fast moving consumer goods it is hard to visit the Carrfour without witnessing a couple of people rushing around with loaded shopping carts. The mall also features leading names in fashion.

Deira City Center

It consists of two shopping floors that sit over a covered parking space that can accommodate 2000 cars. There are many stores and they stock a wide variety of goods, including furniture, furnishings, clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. There are also specialty stores that offer mobile phones, watches, sports gear, and gift items. As if all this were not enough the mall also has a huge entertainment complex including the latest video games, mini golf, and a train ride. Finally, after all that hustling over two floors (well, three if you parked the car yourself) there are the countless nooks offering all sorts of international cuisine along the food courts.

Mall Timings

Sunday - Wednesday
10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Thursday - Saturday
10:00 am to 12:00 midnight

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