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15 September 2015

The art scene in Dubai and the UAE has rapidly gained international esteem. Artists from different regions of the Middle East, and other countries, have their art works on display in galleries in around Dubai, making Dubai more than just a beach and shopping destination, but a city to truly appreciate. And don’t be surprised to find that in Dubai when they say "gallery", it may refer to a coffee shop or even furniture with an artistic twist, as it does with paint on a canvas. Here are five of the top art galleries in Dubai:


The Third Line

The Third Line aims to promote Middle Eastern contemporary art. Artists are mostly local but there are occasional pieces created by international and regional artists. The exhibition changes every month. The gallery plays host to some non-profit programs as well.

Majlis Gallery

This is one of the oldest art galleries in Dubai. It was owned by Allisa Collins, an expatriate who fell in love with the country, the culture and locals. The Majilis Gallery’s aim is to promote art work of both international and local artists in Dubai. This today stands as the oldest and the most reputable art gallery in Dubai.


B21 is located in a warehouse. The location may seem a bit out of place, but the wide selection of modern art that contrasts with the conventional Middle Eastern art housed in this installation is truly worth your trip.

The Green Art Gallery

The Green Art gallery was established in 1995 and is one of the first Arabian Art galleries in Dubai. The gallery's aim is to introduce art to Dubai and is continuously doing so today. Green Art gallery collects painting and artworks from artists from the North African region and the Middle East.

Five Green

Five Green is not your ordinary art gallery, and you might not even recognize it as such because it also happens to be Dubai's top Indie boutique and concept store. Five Green offers a unique experience, offering a museum-like setting full of artistic installations, combined with shopping from a diverse offering of clothing and music, all in one.

Robin Vinod

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