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The UAE population was estimated to be 8.19mn in 2010, out of which, only less than 20percent constitute UAE nationals or Emiratis. The rest of the population, are expatriates. The net migration rate of the country is 22.98, the highest in the world.

Among the expatriate population in the UAE, 23% are non-emirati Arabs and Persians, while more than 50% are from South Asia. Nearly 1.75mn are Indian nationals residing in the UAE, which makes them the single largest expatriate community in the country. The other major groups include Pakistanis (1.25mn) and Bangladeshis (600,000). The rest one million of the population are from other parts of Asia including Iran, Philippines, and Sri Lanka. The others are from other Arab States.

There are also sizeable population from Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, who migrated to the UAE before its formation. The UAE also drew several expatriates from developed nations such as North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. There are also more than 100,000 British nationals in the UAE.
The UAE population constitutes more males than females, with the male population more than double that of females.

Dubai is the most populated city in the UAE, with a population of about 1.87mn. The population in Dubai grew nearly 7 percent during the first nine months of 2010, touching 1.87mn, said latest report by a local daily. However, the active population during the day is nearly 2.9mn, as several businessmen and workers stay in Dubai during the day coming from other cities.

The religion of majority of the population is Islam, although Christianity and Hinduism also exist. Arabic is the official language of UAE, although other languages such as Hindi, English, and Farsi are also spoken.

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