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Due to the large multi-national population, the newspapers in Dubai feature top international stories, apart from large share of local headlines. The local dailies are available in English, Arabic, Russian, Malayalam, and other languages. Several locally published newspapers are priced Dhs.2 each, except Gulf News edition that went up to Dhs.3. Even The Financial Times (UK) and The Times (UK) are printed in the UAE and cost Dhs.10.

The Emirates News Agency or WAM, the official news agency in the UAE, established in November 1976, offers news, photo and video feeds with news pertaining to the UAE and UAE Government.

English Newspapers in Dubai

Gulf News: This is one of the most popular English Newspapers in Dubai and covers top stories in the UAE and across the world, apart from the Entertainment Plus magazine printed on Thursdays offering entertainment news, cinema show times, radio info, and tv schedules. More details at

Khaleej Times: This is also one of the leading English daily newspapers in the UAE and includes local, regional and world news and also has features such as the ‘City Times’, Classifieds, Weekend and ‘Young Times’ for children. More details at

Gulf Today: This English daily newspaper began as a popular Arabic daily in the name ‘Al Khaleel’, and is now known as Gulf Today. It offers local, regional and world news.

The National: This is one of the latest English daily newspapers, published in Abu Dhabi. For more details visit

7 Days: This is a more popular daily newspaper among the youth, and covers all sections including politics, sports, lifestyle, although in a more controversial manner. More details at

Arabic Newspapers

The lists of Arabic newspapers available in Dubai are Akhbar Al-Arab, Al Fajr, Al Bayan (political newspaper), Al Ittihad (political), Al Khaleej, Al Wahda and Al Mal (weekly financial newspaper).
Other newspapers published in the UAE

Few other popular newspapers published in the UAE are Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Emirates Business 24/7, Emirates Today, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, Sport 360, The Al Ain Times, The Daily Telegraphy, The Dubai Enquirer, The Gulf Today, The Mail on Sunday, The Times (UK), The Times of India and USA Today.

International Newspapers

There are a good range of international newspapers available in Dubai, several of which, are UK publications, apart from getting to choose from several other countries – Carrefour, Geant, Spinneys and Waitrose supermarkets offer a good choice. Further, the website offers details of how you could get your favourite international newspaper delivered. The prices, however, more than double the price at the country of origin.

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