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New decree issued to govern social and civil laws in the UAE

07 November 2020

In order to develop its legislative foundations and to keep up its status as a global destination for foreign investment and expertise, the UAE President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued several presidential decrees amending certain articles in the Personal Status Law, the Federal Penal Procedural Law and the Federal Penal Code.

The decrees details amendments to the laws regarding vital matters such as the wills and inheritance concerting expats’, the indecency laws, marriage and divorce, sexual and harassment crimes, and the so-called ‘honour crimes.’ 

Civil Laws UAE

These have been issued to improve the legislative foundations inline with UAE’s commitment to and belief in in tolerance principals as per UAE’s cultural identity and to boost its status and capability as one of the most attractive destinations in the world, socially, economically for foreign expertise and investment.

The highlights of the changes to criminal, civil codes and inheritance law:

  • Expats’ inheritance to be applicable as per their nationality
  • Honour crime to be considered as murder
  • Death penalty for sex with minor
  • Marriage laws to be applicable as per the country where it was held
  • Only financial fines levied for public indecency
  • Those attempting suicide will be sent for treatment

For details regarding each of the above-mentioned amendments, visit the official portal of the Ministry.

Learn more about Laws in UAE.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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