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Hefty penalties to be levied for photography without consent in UAE

06 January 2021

From now on, people should think twice before they try to click a photo of anybody without their consent. According to the latest rules by cybercrime in the UAE, taking photos of people without their consent, and sharing and saving these images will be considered an invasion into their privacy, and this will be considered a punishable offence, with a fine of Dh.500,000 and imprisonment.

The Federal Public Prosecution has posted a video on their social media accounts, reminding residents in the country about the cybercrime law.

Using a computer network or any other technology to expose a person and violate his or her privacy is an offense, attracting at least six months’ imprisonment and a fine in the range Dh.150,000 to Dh.500,000, or either of the two penalties.

Article 21 of the Federal Decree Law No.5 of 2012 on fighting cybercrimes, says that the manner in which one’s privacy may be invaded by others include interception, recording, transferring, eavesdropping, transmitting, disclosure of conversations or communications, or audio or visual materials.

Officials also emphasized that this covers those who take snaps of others without consent, or create, transfer, copy, disclose or save their photos.

Prosecutors further said that within the same law, a one-year jail term and a fine a fine of Dh.250,000 to Dh.500,000 may be meted out to those who use information systems and technology to alter, process, record, or click a scene to attack, humiliate or malign another person.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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