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Dubai Simplified Death and Birth Certificate Issuing Rules

04 February 2020

Dubai celebrated Arab Health Day recently. On the final day of this auspicious occasion, DHA or the Dubai Health Authority launched an electronic platform to simplify the certificate issuance process.

Al Hamad is the new electronic system to be used across the private and public sectors for standardizing the death and birth certificate issuing process. It is an environment-friendly system using electronic certificates and signatures. 

This new advanced technology simplifies and automates the documents issuance process accepting accurate and error-free data. It will also provide reliable data encryption, ensuring confidentiality. 

birth certificate

There'll be dedicated service desks located in all the four DNA hospitals in Dubai. Dubai residents can approach these desks for the issuance of birth and death certificates.

Director-General of the DHA, Humaid Al Qutami, said in a statement to the media that authorities are continually working to simplify the certificate issuing procedures. Their main objective is to increase customer satisfaction levels.

He further mentioned that customers would save money using the Al Hamd system as customers can print the birth and death certificates in multiple languages, English and Arabic. He is optimistic that this latest technology will increase customer satisfaction levels by serving them in a better way.

Furthermore, the Al Hamd system is electronically integrated directly with the government department, which is why the legal translation of these documents is no more required.

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