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UAE job visa process gathers pace due to suspension of conduct proof

05 April 2018

The number of employment visa applications is on the rise, following the announcement of suspension of conduct proof. 

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on withdrawal of ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ requirement for employment visa serves as a positive move, according to experts. They claim that this will allow for an improved streamlined processing.

According to immigration consultants in the UAE, the decision to implement a temporary suspension may have been made as good conduct certificates are crucial to keep the UAE environment safe.

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According to immigration consultants who spoke to the media, when the mandatory rule was brought in, the purpose was to strengthen and secure the UAE. The background checks served as a form of protection for UAE’s growth programme. It is practiced worldwide, and several countries still require these certificates. 

But, it is likely that the suspension has been implemented due to the timelines for obtaining such a certificate. Acquiring a good conduct certificate is a long process, and it in-turn impacts business timelines when hiring workers in the UAE, which is heavily dependent on foreign workforce. When this certificate is mandatory, it impacts the duration of recruitment process and hence can have an impact on business projects, they pointed out.
To obtain a conduct proof input from foreign governments is required. They have to align with the systems of the UAE government. This takes time, so the suspension is a way to make and prepare a system to make the process more transparent and streamlined.

An immigration manager at Santa Fe Relocation said that the temporary suspension of conduct proof is a welcome move, as when the initial announcement was made on 4th February, lot of people were unaware of how to obtain the certificate, as the procedure varies from one country to another.

Now, they will have time for pending applications to be processed faster. The government can now come up with a clear and transparent process. Once the suspension is lifted, it would be good if a two-month notification period is issued prior to reinstatement, he said.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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