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Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019 set to begin on October 18

12 October 2019

The third cycle of the Dubai Fitness Challenge is all set to begin in October 18 till November 16. This initiative launched by the Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is an effort to retain a healthy, active and fit lifestyle for those residing in the city. Dubai Fitness Challenge invited its residents to set aside 30 minutes a day for a month. Taking out 30 minutes from a schedule that consists mostly of social media scrolling will definitely not be impossible. So get off the sofa and put your running shoes on!

Dubai Fitness Challenge is all-inclusive. It is stressing upon schools, government employees, businesses, citizens and tourists to join in on this fitness endeavor. People of all genders, ages, and interests are welcome. First launched in 2017 Dubai Fitness Challenge was the first of its kind fitness movement in the world that was citywide.  The motive behind it was to shatter the impossibility of fitness changes and to involve the community in motivating this lifestyle transformation. The Challenge desires that small changes in habits be adopted.

dubai fitness challenge 2019

A wide range of activities catering to every gender and age are available. Dubai Fitness Challenge offers those who participate in it the chance to communally participate in lifestyle changes. Sports Activities, programs, and events that you can partake in with your families and friends or individually are being offered. Every neighborhood of the region has its own particular fun activities to offer its residents.

From a half city marathon to video cross fit sessions, biking, martial arts, yoga, canoeing, chess, carrom the list goes on an on! The best part is that most of these activities are free. You won't need to spend a dirham and you can enjoy up to 5000 free activities and 40 events. Two Fitness Villages one located in Dubai Festival City Mall and the other on Kite Beach will be offering a spectrum of fitness exercises. Up to 10 Fitness Hubs are being established in the city. Prince Hamdan determined in transforming the city into a gym.

Use 'City is a Gym', a virtual map of Dubai, to find out where sessions and events will be taking place. The Dubai Fitness Challenge App has been designed to walk you through the course of the month. It keeps a track of your workout regime and offers you additional tips, workshops, and deals to keep you in the loop and up to date on the Challenge. The 'Find Your 30' virtual hub has been developed so that you can construct your own fitness program

Joe Wicks, the internationally acclaimed fitness coach, will be conducting a mega training  HIIT class aiming to set a Guinness World record. Fitness outfits and nutritious diets are getting on the Dubai Fitness Challenge bandwagon. Proceeds from a race according to a tweet by Al Jalila Foundation will be donated to obesity research in UAE. Dubai Fitness Challenge will have lasting effects on the lives of the residents. The change does not stop when the month is over!

Dubai Fitness Challenge desires your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Only 7 days are left to register! Don't think twice to register and let a healthy boosting change begin.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries

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