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US Pavilion in Dubai EXPO 2020 is Sponsored by the UAE Government

21 January 2020

Dubai is geared up to start the EXPO 2020 from October this year. The latest news is, America’s pavilion set out there is a collaboration between the U.S. and UAE. The Emirati government is entirely sponsoring it. On Wednesday, the US state department revealed this news admiring the Emirati government.

They further mentioned; they’re able to participate in EXPO 2020 only because of the generosity shown by the Emirati government. According to the report, it’s a $60 million investment from the Emirati sponsorship of America’s pavilion. The U.S. State Department said this investment is made, “in recognition of the strong partnership between the United States and the United Arab Emirates.”

EXPO 2020 or the World's Fairs (as known in the USA) is one of the biggest trade fairs of the decade. Participant countries are from around the world, showcasing their technological growth and advancement in the EXPO. The news about UAE sponsoring the U.S. pavilion spread rapidly, raising various questions. There is a curiosity among people to know, which made American businesses not pay directly for participating under the U.S. Pavilion. Otherwise, there would have been independent participation proposals from leading U.S. brands.

USA pavilion in Expo 2020

The U.S. Pavilion, like others, will be featuring products and companies. But, it’s unclear how the United States government will decide about the showcasing of products and companies.

Dubai EXPO 2020 organizers informed the press that they are designing the pavilion based on the guidelines and advice received from the host organizers. However, the participating country will have full authority to decide what is to be displayed on the pavilion.

Brands can participate either as EXPOs commercial partners or sponsors representing the different national pavilions. In the case of the U.S. Pavilion, brands like PepsiCo, Cisco, MasterCard, UPS, Domino's Pizza, and Christie decided to participate as commercial partners.

Dubai is highly ambitious about its economic growth and generation of new business during EXPO 2020 international fare, which is why they are investing billions of dollars in it. Starting from October, the EXPO 2020 will run for six months. UAE is also the first Middle East country hosting this prestigious international event.

Every participating country will showcase innovative ideas and technology during the fair.

The U.S. State Department further said, “Expos, also known in the United States as World’s Fairs are significant opportunities to showcase American freedom, ideals, enterprise, culture, and global leadership.”

This trade fair is a golden opportunity for America's private business sectors. There will be ample opportunity for FDIs about new businesses and markets.

The U.S-UAE joint business council further encouraged all partners saying, “engage to the widest extent possible in this important opportunity.”

Davies Krish

With a background in journalism and news reporting, Davies enjoys finding surprises and unusual sights in some of Middle East's most well-traveled destinations.

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