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Dubai Road Signs

09 September 2015

Road signs offer visual information and help control and regulate the traffic flow. Hence, keeping yourself updated with the road signs, not only keeps you safe, but other road users too. In Dubai particularly, road signs are important as the road networks are getting more complex, traffic is growing by the day, new visitors Dubai are always on the rise every year.

The road signs are usually placed on, over, or next to a public road where they usually command attention, provide a clear and simple message, fulfil an important need and offer sufficient time for road users to follow them.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are used to control the actions of road users. They tell what you need to do and what not to do. The types of regulatory signs are:

Control Signs

They are used to show the right of way, priority or direction of travel. Some examples of control signs are:

Give way to pedestrians
you must give way
You must give way
You must not enter this road
you -must-stop
You must stop
you must go this way
You must go this way
you must go this way
You must go this way

Mandatory signs

Mandatory signs indicate to road users the actions that they need to take. Some examples of mandatory signs are: ahead only, turn right only, pass either side, 60kmph minimum speed freeway, keep right, roundabout, travel in direction of arrow, keep left.
mandatory signs

Prohibitory Signs

They indicate prohibited actions or objects, so as to indicate road users about actions they should not take or which are prohibited. Some examples of prohibitory signs are: no left turn, no right turn, do not overtake, do not exceed 80kmph speed limit, do not horn, no hazardous materials, no goods vehicles, no pedestrians, no cyclists, maximum heights limits, qualification plate, no U turn.
prohibitory signs

Parking Control Signs

They control parking and stopping, by indicating where to park or where not to park and provide time restrictions. They are also known as no stopping sign. You are not permitted to park in such an area even if you are seated within the car. Some examples of parking control signs are: parking, parking area reserved for taxis only, for loading/unloading vehicles only at specific times, paid parking – limited to the times shown, meter parking on side road.
parking times

Note: If you do not follow these signs, you are breaking the law. The only exception is when a police officer himself is directing traffic and he needs to be obeyed. Regulatory signs can be in blue and white or red and white.

Handicapped Parking

The blue sign shows that the area is reserved for parking by people with special needs. The parking bay will also be marked. People with special needs should obtain a permit and display this. Else, you will not be allowed to park in this space: parking area for handicapped drivers only
handicaped parking

Warning Signs

Warning signs help in alerting road users to potentially hazardous conditions. Warning signs are categorized as advanced warning signs, hazard marker signs, and diagrammatic warning signs. Some of the common advance warning signs are: traffic signs ahead, give way sign ahead, stop sign ahead, junction ahead, roundabout, T intersection, intersection ahead, pedestrian crossing, two-way traffic, maximum headroom at hazard ahead, curve in the road to left, curve in the road to right, curves or bends in the road (drive carefully), U turn ahead, opening bridge ahead, tunnel, road works ahead, river bank ahead, slippery road, speed hump, two way traffic crosses one way road ahead, road narrows on the left side, road narrows on both sides ahead, right lane ends ahead other dangers ahead uneven road, diversion to opposite carriageway ahead, lefthand lane closed ahead, right-hand lane closed ahead, no through road, steep hill downwards, steep hill upwards, school ahead (slowdown), slowdown & watchout for animals
warning signs dubai
dubai traffic signs
dubai road signs

Hazard Marker Signs

Hazard marker signs identify physical hazards if any like bridge structure, traffic islands etc. Some hazard marker signs are : hazard plate, hazard marker, single chevron right, single chevron left, multiple chevrons right, multiple chevrons left, T-junction chevron.
hazard signs


Diagrammatic Warning Signs

Diagrammatic warning signs are used where the triangular advance warning sign does not leave sufficient room for a picture, or are not big enough to draw attention to their hazard sign. They are mostly on high-speed roads, few of which are: right lane closure ahead, additional lane ahead, lane use under control, five lanes merging to four lanes, lane use control directional restriction, beginning or end of median, joining lane, joining lane

diagrammatic warning signs

Trailblazing Signs

Trailblazing signs have distinctive and recognizable symbols on them and are placed en-route to guide and re-assure drivers so that they are on correct road to reach their required destination. For example, picture of an aeroplane is an example of a trailblazing symbol. Here are some common trailblazing signs used in Dubai. dubai routes, city centre central business district, dubai international airport, freeways, tourist destination description
trailblazing signs

Exit Direction Signs

The exit direction signs guide drivers on proper lanes that need to be taken prior to exit. The white exit panel implies that particular lane is to be dropped and is moving away from the main line carriage way.
exit direction signs
exit lines signs

Other Important Traffic Signs

important traffic signs

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