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Public Parking in Dubai

10 September 2015

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) emphasizes on systematic paid car parking management in Dubai. There are some strategic locations in Dubai that have been allocated for paid parking. These areas are well identified at the entrance by a large signage to indicate that the area is a paid parking zone. Further, the signage also indicates the time for which parking payment is required.

The paid parking locations are mainly divided into two main categories – A and B. While code A refers to side road parking areas with short stay of maximum 4 hours, code B refers to areas specifically meant to be parking yard (long stay of 24 hours). There are other special parking categories too like code E, F and G with special conditions like 'No Parking Permits allowed' and 'Parking time different from timings in A & B'.

Such a categorization is particularly applicable in case of Seasonal Parking Cards and mParking System, which are taxed based on location usage. Parking tariffs are clearly written in the parking meter. The multi-storey car parking which operates round-the-clock with Dh.3.00/hr tariff is another paid parking.

public parking in dubai

Methods to Pay Parking Fees

There are several ways to pay the parking fees. Some of them are:

Parking Payment Machine

On paying UAE issued coins, the parking payment issues paper parking ticket which can be displayed at the car dashboard.

NOL Card

Although mainly used for public transports in Dubai, these cards are also used for paying parking fees. However, the red NOL card cannot be used in parking meters.

Seasonal Parking Card

The card offers the convenience of parking at any permitted parking space without the need for parking ticket or mParking. The validity of cards range from 90 days to 365 days and the amount ranges from Dh.450 to Dh.2500. For detailed information on purchase of the cards online, visit www.traffic.rta.ae and get it delivered in your choice of location.

M-parking or payment over phone via SMS

This payment mode is used by non-registered and RTA registered customers. The registration is not required for Dubai-registered and private plate numbers beginning with alphabets (A-K & M). However, registration is required for motorists who own non-Dubai registered private plat number to use mParking service. For registration, visit www.mpark.rta.ae, or call toll-free 800 9090. You need to keep sufficient credit on your mobile phone to avail this service, and send parking details to park (7275).

For instance, B45678 123A 2, B, B represents plate code, 45678 is the number plate, followed by space and number indicates plate number amd 123A indicates parking location. The digit 2 represents the number of hours that the car is allowed to park. On successful payment, a confirmation message will be immediately sent to your mobile phone.

Ten minutes prior to expiry of parking time, a reminder would be issued, which gives you the option to extend your parking. However, extension is allowed only for an hour and at the same location.

Meanwhile, registered customers using the mParking can send your username, followed by space, parking location and number of hours to 7275.

Parking Violation and Fines

As per rules, parking violations and fines are:

  • Non-payment of parking fee or lost ticket – Dh.150.00
  • Exceeding time limit for paid parking – Dh.100.00
  • Staying more than permitted parking time – Dh.100.00
  • Wrong way of using the parking area – Dh.200.00
  • Parking on disabled parking – Dh.500.00

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