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Save money- grocery shopping in Dubai

Shopping Dubai 08 Nov 20
Save money- grocery shopping in Dubai
Vegetable prices drop mid-week. Fruits cheaper on weekends! Thursdays are ideal to spend less when buying fruits, Tuesdays best-suited for vegetables.
Event Location
Dubai , Dubai
Start Time
08 November 2020, 12:00 AM
End Time
30 November 2020, 12:00 AM

An analysis of grocery prices over the last three months showed that fruits were more cost-effective just as the week was about to end and almost every vegetable got cheaper halfway through any week, particularly most Tuesdays.

If you were wondering which day of the week would be best to pick up fruits at a cheaper-than-usual rate, in the past months it was observed that the price of most fruits, be it any variant, would mostly get pricier at the start of the week, making the weekend an ideal time to go shopping for fruits, before the price hike sets in!

Remember that, as always, the prices did not differ starkly and during most of August, September and October, the cost of fruits like bananas, apples, and citric fruits like oranges, lemon and lime, all on average stayed largely in check.

When it comes to vegetables, prices of items like tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and lettuce were mostly seen dropping mid-week in the last 15 or so weeks, or almost four months.

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