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Al Maktoum International Airport to undergo expansion

24 March 2016

Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC) has signed deal with Al Jaber Engineering and Contracting for expansion of passenger terminal building at Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, UAE.

As per the deal, the first phase of the project, the built-up area of the passenger terminal would be expanded to 145,926sqm from the current 66,107sqm, and will be completed by June next year.

It is expected that following these additional expansions, the airport will have the capacity to handle up to 26.5million passengers by the year 2025, a statement from DACC said.

The President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who is also the Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, mentioned that today’s announcement marks a historic milestone in the journey of Al Maktoum International, which is due to be the world’s largest airport.

al maktoum international airport

On completion, the Al Maktoum International Airport will handle more than 220 million passengers annually.

Sheikh Ahmed said that Al Maktoum International is being designed to be an airport of the future, as a range of amenities are being built to increase the capacity and enrich the experience within the airport, making it an attractive proposition for airlines and passengers, Sheikh Ahmed said.

As part of the proposed expansion work of the passenger terminal, the arrival building, which currently houses the public hall for arrivals, baggage claim area and related services and the arrival baggage handling system, will also feature a new immigration hall for 55 control counters, visa and passenger utilities, the statement from DACC said.

The departure building will include expansion of public hall, offices and other commercial areas, apart from check-in hall, which is likely to house 64 check-in counters. An additional 10 counters would be specifically dedicated to business check-in, it said.

The expansions will include 12 new boarding lounges, and extension of emigration transfer and security area. A new baggage screening area for arrivals would also be included, while the present baggage reclaim area will see three new carrousels, it said.

Robin Vinod

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