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Dubai Metro to relocate its female cabins in next two months

25 July 2019

The Dubai Metro's 'pink cabins' are to be relocated, so as to offer better comfort and privacy to passengers, the RTA announced, in its latest move. This is likely to happen over the next two months, and the female cabins would be relocated to one end of the train.

The new cabins will be moved to the end opposite of the gold class, with the mixed cabins being in the middle of the train. The signage would be moved accordingly to make the relocation clear to passengers. The project is expected to be ready by this month-end, the RTA has confirmed.

Female cabins in Dubai Metro

According to Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, the Director of Rail Operation at RTA, this move is in line with its vision of 'Safe and Smooth Transport for All'. RTA focuses on comfort of Dubai Metro riders, particularly women and children.

The Rail Agency has kicked off a field campaign to implement this process, aiming to make the Women and Children cabins in harmony with new train cabins designs.

Henceforth, Men found standing in the pink cabins would be fined Dh.100. The whole purpose of women and children cabins is to provide space and comfort for female travellers and the RTA has noticed their demand, particularly during summer holidays.

The project would be implemented in three phases by the RTA. The first is to create awareness through social media and support from metro employees, next to display posters and signage to guide the passengers to the right cabins, and then the final completion phase.

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