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Vehicle Registration Renewal

27 July 2019

Renewal of your vehicle registration in Dubai is now easier, as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provides vehicle owners with several easy options to choose from.

Points to note before vehicle registration renewal:

  • Before renewal of your vehicle registration, it is essential to know that the process of registration renewal can vary based on the age of the vehicle and the purpose for which the vehicle is used (private or commercial)
  • A vehicle registration can be renewed in Dubai 30 days prior to date of expiry. After the expiry of the registration date of the vehicle, a 30-day grace period is granted to renew the registration without levying of any fine, except driving fees.
  • Beyond the grace period, if the renewal is not done, a monthly late registration fine would be levied, in addition to monthly driving fee starting from the date of expiry of vehicle registration. Finally, if the vehicle is not renewed even after 3 years, the vehicle registration would be cancelled.

vehicle registration and renewal

What are the various modes for registration renewal in Dubai?

There are three ways of renewing vehicle registration in Dubai - the online mode, through an RTA call centre, or through a trusted insurer.

Renewing Vehicle Registration online

To renew the vehicle registration online, visit the RTA Website https://www.rta.ae/ and do the following:

  • You will have to pass the vehicle technical inspection test if you are using the vehicle for commercial purposes or if the vehicle is over three years old.
  • Contact your vehicle insurance company for renewal of vehicle insurance.
  • Login to the RTA website mentioned above, and choose the option of vehicle registration renewal, and feed in your RTA User ID and password.
  • Pay the pending fines if any (latest rule says that renewal can be done without paying pending fines too, if the driver has not committed any offence for one calendar year, although the deadline for keeping fines on hold is not clear yet), and the renewal fee (service fee is applicable based on vehicle type and if your vehicle is used commercially) via e-payment.
  • Print your temporary registration notice immediately and keep it handy in your car.
  • When waiting for your new registration plate, you can choose the manner in which you would like to receive the card - through courier, or collect it from RTA, or get it delivered to your PO Box.

Renewing vehicle registration through an RTA trusted agent

If you choose to renew your vehicle registration through a trusted agent approved by the RTA, follow the following steps:

  • Pass the vehicle inspection test, if the vehicle is used for commercial purpose or if the vehicle is more than 3 years old.
  • Contact your insurance company to renew vehicle insurance.
  • Pay pending fines if any and the renewal fee through e-payment.
  • Print your registration notice and keep it handy in your car.
  • Choose the method of delivery of your card - through courier, or through RTA, or from your POBox.

Note: There is no additional fee charged even if you choose to renew the registration through an RTA trusted agent.

Renewing vehicle registration through RTA Call Centre

Here are the steps to follow for renewal of your vehicle registration in Dubai through RTA Call Centre:

  • Pass the technical vehicle inspection test if the vehicle is used commercially or more than 3 years old.
  • Renew your vehicle insurance.
  • Call RTA at 8009090 and choose the option 'licensing services', and speak to the operator.
  • Pay the fines if any, and the renewal service fee applicable.
  • Print your temporary registration notice and keep it handy in your car.
  • Choose the mode in which you would like to receive the permanent registration plate i.e, through courier, or through your PO Box or through RTA.

How long is the processing time for renewals?

Generally, the RTA aims to process your application in a minimum of 5 working days.

What has to be done on receipt of the permanent plate?

The new permanent plate would be dispatched based on the mode of receipt of the same that you have chosen. On receiving the new plate, you should ensure that the size (long or short) of this plate is what you had asked for. The digits on the plate should be matched with that of the old plate, and the old plate should be replaced with the new one immediately. In case of any issues with the final product, you may raise the issue to the RTA within 2 working days of the receipt of the product. Thereafter, the transaction will be considered as finalized.

Contact Details:

Road & Transport Authority, PO Box 118899, Dubai, UAE
RTA call centre/ customer care: 8009090
Overseas callers: +971 4 605 1414
Local Tel: +971 4 284 4444
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.rta.ae

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