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Vehicle Registration Renewal

10 September 2015

The quickest and easiest way to renew driver's license or a vehicle registration is through an RTA Trusted Agent. There are two types of trusted agents, namely, the selected Vehicle Insurers who are approved to renew vehicle registrations for their clients and the Opticians, who are approved to renew driver's licenses for clients.

As for vehicle registration renewal, you need to purchase vehicle insurance from an RTA Trusted Agent Insurer. They will also register your vehicle, and then give you the temporary vehicle registration approval to allow you to immediately drive your vehicle. In case your vehicle is over three years old, it will need to be inspected first.

As for Opticians, the other Trusted Agent type, you need to first pass an eye test for a driver’s license. The eye test can be done at an RTA Trusted Agent Optician, and the license can be renewed simultaneously. The optician will give you a temporary Driver License approval to permit you to driver immediately.

In any case,whether for renewal of vehicle registration or driver’s license, you will have to first collect the plfinal plastic registration card or driver's license from RTA. The RTa Trusted Agents do not charge any extra fee for processing RTA transactions. To find a list of RTa Trusted Agent Insurers and RTa Trusted Agent Opticians, visit www.rta.ae.

You can view your driving records by logging on to www.rta.ae and selecting "Licensing eservices" banner at the bottom of the page. Select "New User" and enter your details. Here registration is quick and easy.

You can also call the RTA call centre at 800 9090 which is open 24 hours to renew vehicle registration and licensing services.

Robin Vinod

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