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Dubai Tram - Stations, Fares and Timings

10 September 2015

The Dubai Tram runs for 20 hours a day from 6:30 in the morning to 1:30 at night. To travel the whole course of the tramway it takes roughly 36 minutes. However on Fridays the tramway opens at 9:00 ending at the same time as other days. Commuters only have to wait 6 minutes for a tram to arrive. Each tram carries up to 400 people and has a section exclusively for women and children. It also boasts a Gold class carriage which costs AED 6 for a one way trip.

Tram Fares

The tram has a fixed fare of AED 3 per ride regardless of the distance traveled, making it one of the cheapest fares for trams, compared to other cities. The fare for passengers using the Red Nol Ticket will be AED 4 per ride. A Nol Card can be used by passengers to check-in and check-out of the tram by scanning the card at the platform screen doors.

The whole setup is exactly like the Metro stations. You wait in an air-conditioned building that is exquisitely clean along with other commuters. While your waiting you are required to swipe your Nol card that will deduct AED 3 automatically.

Tram Stations

The stations served by the tram are: JBR 1, JBR 2, JLT, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Marina Towers, Mina Siyahi, Dubai Media City, the Palm Jumeirah, Knowledge Village, and Safouh. Footbridges have been constructed to link Dubai Tram and Dubai Metro at two stations – Damac Properties and JLT. The tramway also intersects with the monorail of the Palm Jumeirah at the entrance of the Palm, Safouh Street where a multi-level parking lot is in place.

Dubai tram stations

Tram Safety – What You Need To Know

  • Trams have right of way. They always have priority on the road except in the case of emergency vehicles.
  • Do not enter a junction when the traffic lines are red or amber. Use only dedicated pedestrian crossings at clearly marked crossing points. Look in both directions before crossing, as trams will operate in both directions.
  • Cyclists are advised not to cycle on the tracks as wheels may get stuck in the rail gap. They are encouraged to dismount and cross tracks on foot. Cycle stands are also provided at most stations so that commuters can park their bicycles and use the tram service.
  • Trams are much wider than the tracks they run on. They are quiet and make minimal noise.
  • Trams will be driver operated. Drivers may give instructions to passengers and surrounding road users via microphone. The use of headphones and mobile phones near tram tracks must therefore be avoided.
  • When travelling on the tram, remain seated until the tram stops at your destination station. If standing, hold on tight while the tram is moving.

Tram Fines – What You Need To Know

Drivers who cause or violate traffic rules face fines and restrictions on their license. These include:

  • Driving through a red light at a tram box junction WITHOUT causing an accident will incur a fine of up to Dh5,000 and suspension of driving license for up to 3 months.
  • If the failure to follow tram rules causes injury to another, fines will be up to Dh15,000 and suspension of driving license for up to 6 months
  • Incase of an accident leading to death, fines will be up to Dh30,000 and suspension of driving license for up to 1 year in addition to police charges.
  • Mandatory classes on interpreting tram signage have been introduced at driving schools with an aim to educate drivers about tram crossings, reading of zig zag lines, how to drive in a tram box junction and what to do in an intersection where there are no signals.
  • So keeping these rules in mind go out and explore Dubai in the cheapest way possible.

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