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Mazaya Centre

01 September 2015

The Mazaya Centre, from the quality of its finish to its building design and elegant mix of retailers, provides commitment to its customers and certainly lives up to its name. In the year 2000, the Mazaya Center opened near the tallest building in the world, the Dubai Tower. There are shopping outlets on the mezzanine and ground floor as well as four coffee shops and restaurants. The retail units totalling 50 with places like Pier Imports, Brands and Homes R Us. The center certainly offers a peaceful shopping environment.

Mazaya Center

Hours of Operation

For retail stores: Fridays 4:30PM – 10:00PM and Saturday through Thursday 10:00AM to 10:00PM. All of your needs can undoubtedly be met at the Dubai Mazaya Mall including, but by no means limited to, home décor, antiques, sportswear and accessories, high fashion, photography, perfume and makeup, candy stores, toys, greeting cards, health foods, dry cleaning, high tech electronics, jewelry, traditional Arabic clothing, musical instruments, and optical services. You can pay your phone bill, visit an ATM and purchase prepaid telephone cards all through various machines.

For hair salons: Fridays they are closed and they are open Saturday through Thursday 10:00AM to 7:00PM. Included are a men’s barbershop called Bare’ Gents Salon and the Essential Image Salon for the ladies.

Restaurants: Fridays 1:30PM to 10:00PM and Saturdays through Thursdays 9:00AM to 10:00PM. Eating establishments contained within the walls of the center are Ogaret Restaurant, Danial Restaurant (Iranian cuisine), Café Beanery (high quality specialty coffees) and Fantstico Café (new pizza and pasta).

Services housed in the center include a dental center, medical center and (incredibly) a laser eye center.


The layout of the center boasts 55,000 square feet of retail area in the mezzanine and leasing of a promotional activity area is available. The unit sizes are 260 square feet up to 850 square feet and can be expanded by adjoining units. The leasing of areas for promotional activity can also be done on the ground floor which has 75,000 square feet of retail area and houses unit sizes from 500 square feet to 8300 square feet which, again, can be expanded by adjoining units. The center is easily accessed from the highway; and from Dubai International Airport, is a quick 15 minute drive. The center's imaginative interior design consists of landscaping and natural light all for your shopping pleasure.

Robin Vinod

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