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Medical Tests in Dubai

21 April 2017

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical centre locations are well-organized and hygienically maintained on par with international standards. All of the required check-ups can be done here along with blood tests and chest x-ray. The blood test is done to check for any transmissible diseases such as HIV, while x-ray of chest area is done to check for Tuberculosis (TB).

Those with previous scars of TB are not eligible to get their visas stamped. In such cases, the blood tests are done, and if positive, the applicant will be deported from Dubai. Therefore, if you think you are suffering from any communicable disease, it is advised to review it first in your home country.

medical tests dubai

Medical Tests To Be Done

  • Blood test
  • Chest X-ray
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • HIV / Aids
  • Syphilis
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Leprosy

Note: Not all of the above tests are required for all categories of workers. Specific categories are mentioned below.

The AIDS/HIV, Leprosy and Tuberculosis tests are mandatory for all expatriates seeking new visa, while Hepatitis and Syphilis tests are for 6 categories of workers, while pregnancy tests are for 3 categories.

The blood tests are done to check for communicable diseases, if any, while the chest x-ray is taken for the purpose of testing for Tuberculosis. If the tests turn positive, the applicant is deported from the UAE.

Those who are found suffering from any of these diseases would be denied visa and deported, as per the law.

The Hepatitis tests are for newcomers and for those looking for job as babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employees, housemaids, workers at barber shops, health clubs or restaurants seeking new visa or renewal. Such applicants will have to undergo these tests when entering the emirate and also during visa renewal process, and if found positive, would be deported.

Applicants seeking to work as domestic helpers, babysitters and female drivers should undergo pregnancy tests before they take up medical fitness tests for Residence. If positive, the employer should submit a statement about his awareness of the pregnancy prior to granting a visa.

Syphilis tests are mandatory for domestic helps, babysitters, workers at nurseries, barber shops kindergartens, coffee shops, health clubs, food supply centres, restaurants and other food outlets.

The UAE visa applicants who have previously failed a medical test for Hepatitis showing positive results can re-apply for residence visa as per new laws. If the applicant is not blacklisted, then can probably try again after treatment, and be successful the next time.

As per latest mandate on TB scars:

  • All expat residents will have to undergo chest X-Rays during visa renewals
  • Expatriates already living in the country will now be allowed to sponsor their spouses, children and parents with TB scars and active TB. However, those with active TB will be given a conditional certificate and a residence visa for one year and will also have to follow proper treatment protocol
  • People with TB scars or active TB seeking UAE residence for the first time/or re-entry after cancellation will not be allowed into the country.

Recently, the Council of Ministers has restricted some medical examination rules for foreign nationals seeking residency in the UAE, and has relaxed other rules. A major change in this category is that pulmonary tuberculosis testing is now mandatory during the process of residency permit renewal too, apart from being applicable to new residence permit applicants.

Foreign nationals renewing their residency, who test positive for old, active or drug-resistant TB may be granted a conditional health certificate and one-year residency. Affected individuals will however have to undergo treatment as specified by relevant authority in the UAE. Non-compliance of this rule will lead to visa cancellation.

Based on discretion of relevant authorities, residency may be granted to a new visa applicant with pulmonary tuberculosis, if the candidate is a member of diplomatic or consular corps, is a relative of the UAE resident (spouse, parent or child, including children studying in the UAE under sponsorship of a school), or is a major investor as determined by the appropriate business licensing authority.

Procedure and results

To take up the tests, you will have to fill up the test form in Arabic (can be done at typing offices near government hospitals). To take up the tests, you will have to fill up the test form in Arabic (can be done at typing offices near government hospitals for around Dh.20), and submit it along with two passport photos, a receipt fee paid for health card, and the test fee. The blood tests will be done for communicable diseases. You may also have to undergo a chest X-ray to test for TB, while female domestic workers may also be required to take a pregnancy test. The number of tests to be done would depend on the category of job that you plan to take.

documents required for a new visa

  • Letter from typing office in Arabic.
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Health card receipt or number
  • Test fee (whatever applicable at your time of applying)
  • Your original passport.

The government hospital has a separate ladies area, making the wait a little shorter for women.

Documents required for visa renewal

  • Copy of residence permit attached to passport
  • Two latest passport-size photographs
  • Locally accredited labour card or ID card
  • Test fee (whatever applicable at your time of applying)
  • Your copy of original passport

Health Card

On passing medical tests, you need to get a health card which entitles you to subsidized health care at government-run hospitals and clinics. The health card should be renewed each year, but you only need to take a new medical test when your visa is up for renewal. You will require a health card number, and if you do not have one, visit e-Health Card site (http://eservice.dohms.gov.ae/pservices/CreatePID0.aspx) for applying for a temporary number. The health card number will be required for future enquiries or references. Check the mobile number that you provide, as you will receive SMS notification about the test result to complete DNRD Residency procedures.

On completing all your tests, collect your receipts and you may have to return to collect your results three days later. If the blood tests turn out positive for any communicable disease, you will be deported from UAE.

You may also receive your test results via SMS, if you have provided the correct mobile number. Once you have the results, you will be able to go ahead with DNRD Residency procedures.

Recently, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), announced the introduction of ‘Tawajud Express’ service, which helps in offering medical fitness test results within four hours of sample collection. The normal medical test application will take two to three hours, and the report will be sent through Zajel courier services within two days.

Note: As per latest news, in March 2016, by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, health card requirement for a medical examination for expats has been cancelled. After getting the fitness certificate, a person can apply for either a health card or a health insurance.

Also, for workers in health facilities, screening of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C would be conducted to preserve their health, given their constant interaction with patients.

These decisions have been implemented across preventive medicine centres since 2016, in order to control spread of communicable diseases and facilitate residential procedures.

Health Card Fee

For Nationals (Card validity for 4 years)

0 to 9 years – Dh.25
10-17 years – Dh.50
Over 18 years of age – Dh.100

For expats (Card validity for 1 year)

0 to 9 years – Dh.100
10 to 17 years – Dh.200
Over 17 years – Dh.300
(in addition to Dh.200 for medical examination)

Medical Test Fee

Type of Test Fee
Diseases that pose threat to public health – AIDS, TB, Leprosy & syphilis Dh.250
Pregnancy test for house maids Dh.50
First dose of immunisation against Hepatitis B Dh.50
Second, third dose of immunization against Hepatitis B Free
Authentication of health insurance from private sector Dh.200

Companies with more than 10 representative employees:
Local Representatives (3 years)

Non-local representatives (1 year)



Medical Fitness Centres in Dubai

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is offering medical testing services, and the earlier service offered by Dubai municipality clinic (DMC) is no-longer available. Thereafter, the issuance of occupational health cards for food handlers, salon workers, barbers, beauticians, nurses, kindergarten staff, health club and fitness centre employees will be done by DHA.

There are 16 DHA medical fitness centres. The medical tests can also be done at private clinics, but, they are very expensive and not all private clinics are authorized by DHA.

Plans are also on to expand the existing medical fitness centres aimed at improving geographical accessibility, with the Dubai Health Authority opening two more medical fitness centres at Bur Dubai and other regions of the city.

of the Medical Fitness Centres in Dubai and their contact numbers are:

Al Karama Medical Fitness Express Services Centre
Bur Dubai (Behind al Karama Central Post Office)

Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre
Al-Muhaisnah 2
Tel: 5023939

Satwa Medical Fitness Centre
Tel: 5023205 / 3420306

Al Mankhool Health Centre
Housemaid of catchment area
Tel: 5021267

Al-Twar Health Centre Al-Twar,
Al-Qusais Tel: 5022133 / 2612114

Al Khawaneej Health Centre
Tel: 5023034 / 2892092

Al Bada’a Health Centre
Sheikh Zayed Road Opp. To Shangri-La Hotel from bac side
Tel: 5081046

Al Lusaily Health Centre
Dubai-Al Ain road,
Tel: 5022500

Airport Medical Centre
Dubai International Airport
Tel: 2164959

Al-Safa Health Centre
Jumeirah 2
Tel: 5081046

Dubai International Finance Centre
Sheikh Zayed Road – DIFC Block No.2
Tel: 4289211

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
Terminal 2 – Dubai International Airport
Tel: 2994436

Jebel Ali Health Centre
Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)
Tel: 8834240

Emirates Airline
Next to Terminal 1
Tel: 7081637

Al-Quoz Mall Medical Fitness Centre
Industrial Quoz 3
Tel: 45022401

Al-Rashidiya Medical fitness Centre
Al-Rashidiya, next to police station
Tel: 5022422

Medical Fitness Law in Dubai

The screening tests requirement is based on the Federal Laws of the country to ensure a healthy living environment where the whole community in the UAE is protected against infectious diseases which may otherwise pose to be a threat to public health. As per law, those visiting the UAE for the first time should be subject to medical tests for tuberculosis, leprosy and HIV before they are granted Residence.

According to latest law, new expatriate workers in the categories of housemaids, babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employees, employees at barber shops, salons, beauty parlours, health clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, food outlets, food suppliers, drivers, etc., will have to undergo hepatitis tests, HIV Aids tests, when applying for visas and for visa renewals, and will be deported if found infected, or will have to get treated (in case of Hepatitis B).

The vaccinations shall be given to negative cases of Hepatitis B categories, provided, they should take three doses of the vaccine. They will then be provided with a vaccination certificate. At the time of residence visa renewal, they can present the vaccination certificate for approval or exemption from the vaccine. However, if the certificate is not presented at the time of renewal, then vaccination will have to be taken again at an additional fee of Dh.500.

The law also mandates pregnancy tests for maids, female drivers and baby sitters. The sponsor is given the choice of whether or not to continue with visa application if the employee is pregnant. If the sponsor agrees to employ the employee in such a case, the sponsor will have to issue a written consent with his acknowledgement of the test result. In cases of illegal pregnancies, UAE Law considers such pregnancies as crime, and it could invite trouble and legal hassles. The pregnancy test will have to done before the other mandatory tests.

The law mandates deportation of all positive cases of the said diseases at the time of applying for residence visa or renewal, based on the medical check-up results. All concerned health authorities determined by the Health Ministry will have to abide and implement such procedures in accordance with vested authorization under the provisions of Federal Law referred to the above.

The law also mandates all Dubai residents to have a health card or private health insurance policy.

Note: We have included the latest details available as per our understanding, about the various medical tests to be done. Please refer to the immigration department website (http://dubai.ae/en/pages/default.aspx) or the Dubai Health Authority website (http://www.dha.gov.ae/EN/Pages/default.aspx) or call 800342 for updated information.

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