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It is a changing world with the children and even the toddlers nevertheless are left unaffected by the pressures of the outside society. There is a rising competition among the parents as well with everyone wanting to make their child the best and the smartest individual in the society. But this should not be done at the cost of the innocence and the childhood aspirations of the kids.

The foundation of the child determines the future so it becomes really important when it comes to selection of the right nursery school for the young ones. It plays a crucial role in the overall development of the child be it physical, emotional, intellectual or psychological. In today times, it seems to be a world of limitless choices so it becomes all the more difficult to make a perfect choice for your little genius. There are a number of good nurseries and kindergartens in Dubai offering a caring and nurturing environment to the children. So just have a look at some of the good nurseries in Dubai.

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Orange Tree Nursery

Following the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), the Orange Tree Children Nursery is the first in the Emirates to adopt this preschool methodology. Along with being a kindergarten school, the Orange Tree Nursery also provides day care facilities from an early infant age starting from 4 months onwards. The objective of the school is to provide training and early education to a child in a nurturing and caring environment. It aims at the overall development of the child with a global perspective. The school has designed its unique “Soul Seeds” program, an education approach to instill learning in the child leading to his/her development.

Besides the curriculum based learning and the "Soul Seeds" program, the nursery also have a bundle of activities and joyrides understanding the aspirations of the parents. Being the kids’ safety and security the utmost factor, the nursery provides learning and developmental programmes in a safe and secure premise. Timely field trips also give a hand on experience to the kids of the outside world.

Location: 42nd St. Sheikh Zayed Rd., Al Jafiliya, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 386 1578

Dubai Gem Nursery

With the roots of the Dubai Gems Nursery dated as old as 1973, the nursery is one of the oldest kindergarten schools on Dubai soils. Earlier called Dubai Gems School and Crèche, it once started with a handful number of 20 children and is today one of the most trusted schools in Dubai. Aiming at providing a strong foundation to your young ones, the nursery offers a British Curriculum and is nestled in a spacious villa in the heart of the city in Satwa near the Iranian hospital.

Being a part of the Dubai Gem Private School, the kids at the Dubai Gem Nursery can directly get admission at the Dubai Gem Private School situated at the Oud Metha area. Besides imparting education to the kids, the school also focuses on the round up development of the young ones with them being placed in a safe and friendly environ.

Location: Dubai Gem Nursery, Satwa
Contact: +971 4 345 3550

Ambassador Kindergarten

Spread on a sprawling area of 35000 sq. ft., the Ambassador Kindergarten is situated in the Mankhool area of Bur Dubai. The spacious area of the school provides ample growth opportunities for the toddlers and the young children. The school believes in fostering and nurturing the child into a confident individual with a number of facilities for the children like a music studio, dance room and a yoga room. Laying equal emphasis on the physical development of the child, there are several sports activities in the dedicated indoor and outdoor sports arena.

Taking equal care of the safety of the child, the classrooms are monitored by the CCTV. Each classroom has an attached washroom and many other activities focusing on the interactive learning environment. Ensuring an attention on every child, the classroom has a ratio of 1:8 that makes the teacher giving individual attention to every child and finding the hidden talents.

Location: Ambassador School, Mankhool, Bur Dubai
Contact: + 971 4 379 9333

Cambridgeshire Nursery

Located in the Mankhool area of Dubai, the Cambridgeshire Nursery believes in the ethos of bringing up children under a roof of a secured environment. Believing in the philosophy of each child’s uniqueness, the school follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage programme. They explore the hidden talents of the young ones and make them explore the world with a number of activities for their development.

Segregating the education programs based on the age criteria, the Cambridgeshire Nursery has adopted three programs for the kids of different age groups. The First Steps program is designed for the toddlers from the age of 1. Understanding the inquisitiveness of this age group, a team of specialized and trained staff look after the kids with great care.

The Nursery level trains the young toddlers between the ages 2-3. The Foundation Stage program is for the big kids that have crossed the toddles world and are soon to step into the world of children from toddlers. This program emphasizes on learning through play. A number of facilities are present at the school like an indoor gym, an outdoor play area and dedicated areas for art and music.

Location: Cambridgeshire Nursery, Mankhool, Bur Dubai
Contact: + 971 4 351 8173

New Dubai Nursery

Having an experience of 30 years in the nursery world, the New Dubai Nursery is one of the best early years schools in Dubai. In the nursery, the emphasis is laid on a firm foundation of the child making them a responsible and confident individual.

The school also has a number of activities like field trips, water pool area, sand pit area and many other outdoor activities for the kids. Making learning a fun activity, they introduce role plays and other themes at a young age to educate the children and inculcate an interest for learning. To celebrate the term end, a Graduation Day is celebrated to make the kids nursery journey a memorable one.

Location: Al Mankhool Rd., Dubai
Contact: +971 4 398 4900

Gems Modern Nursery

Following the Montessori Curriculum, the Gems Modern Nursery is the branch of the Gems Modern School. The nursery provides learning program for the kids aged between 3 and 4 in the pre kindergarten level. With the students coming from different cultures, the school offers learning to the kids in a global environment. Being a nursery with outstanding features, the kids are exposed to a number of activities to improve their fine and motor skills along with overall physical, emotional and intellectual development.

The nursery has designed programmes like The Good Listeners’ Programme emphasizing on the listening skills introduced through a hand on experience of listening and playing a variety of musical instruments. The school also celebrates the World Cultures Programme to introduce the children to the global community and see the different colors of the world. The School also has a fleet of buses with special seats which are used exclusively by the Pre KG children.

Location: Gems Modern Nursery, Nad al Sheba, Dubai
Contact: + 971 4 326 3339

Toddler International Nursery

Opened in 2009, the Toddler International Nursery aims at providing quality education to the child in the early learning years. Focusing on the strong foundation of the young toddlers, the nursery trains the children in a homely and secure environment. Following the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, a variety of activities is introduced for the grooming of the child and makes them experience the world in their own little way. The school has two branches: one in the Al Mankhool area and other in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area.

Location: Al Mankhool, Bur Dubai (Branch1)
Contact: + 971 4 398 3111

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Silicon Oasis Gate 1 Bldg.
Contact: + 971 4 333 9898

Golden Gate Nursery

Encouraging the child to learn in an effective way, the Golden Gate Nursery adopts a holistic approach for the complete development of the child. Spread in a spacious area, the nursery provides facilities that ensure the physical, intellectual and emotional development of the children going hand in hand.

Following the British Early years foundation stage, the school enrolls the young ones from the age of 3 months to 4years. Supervised by a well trained staff, the kids get a learning experience in a well equipped environment.

Contact Number: +971 4 321 6069
Email: [email protected]

Kids Palace Nursery

Founded in September 2005, the Kids Palace Nursery offers a homely environment to the young toddlers aged between 14 months to 4 years. The aim of the nursery is to nurture and groom the child with utmost care and train him in a way where he can unleash his hidden skills.

Working on this line, the nursery introduces a handful of activities for the young ones at a very tender age. A well resourced library is designed to inculcate the passion for reading in the early years. Enjoying their first years in the school, they have many fun activities like outdoor and indoor play, water splash and sand pit area.

Location: Al Wasl Rd., Umm Suqeim, Street 17, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 348 4163

Littlewoods Nursery, Al Safa

Nestled in the plush locales of Jumeirah, the Littlewoods Nursery holds the vision of shaping and molding the child in safe and nurtured environs. The nursery arena is spacious with fully equipped resources and facilities that any parent would aspire of for the complete development of the young ones.

The classrooms are airy and spacious with books, educational toys and all the things needed for the round up growth of the child. Each classroom has an in built toilet. Besides there are several outdoor and indoor activities for the kids focusing on their development.

Location: St.4C, Villa 82, Umm Sequim, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 394 6155

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