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Top Ten Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

11 March 2016

No better ways to delve into the roots of a place than to get a first hand culinary experience and taste the flavors of the authentic foods of the place you are visiting. With all the glitz and glamour, Dubai has the flavors of all the multicultural cuisines across the globe. Not to forget the tastes of Arabia that have a rich legacy of flavors with an endless anecdotes that narrate the story of the evolution of a number of signature Arabic dishes be it the tanginess of the silky hummus or the sweetness of the desert Mohallabiah. With all the Middle Eastern cuisines clustered under the huge panoramic Dubai, it seems no less amusing to see all those wonderful Arabic tastes varying from Emirati to Persian to Lebanese to Moroccan relishing the palates in its own mesmerizing hues. So let’s just look into some of the few food hubs that would satiate the appetite with a taste lingering for a lifetime. 

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Al Nafoorah

Looking for a great Lebanese meal with a luxurious taste, just step at Al Nafoorah for some relishing tastes and great flavors set to please all. Centrally located in the heart of the Sheikh Zayed in the iconic Emirates tower, Al Nafoorah is a not an unfamiliar name among the foodies. Being an established name, the restaurant lives totally up to the benchmark set that echoes its immense popularity. The smooth savor hummus with the rich and shiny olive oil is a clear reflection of the rich tastes of Arabia. The piping hot pita breads (Arabic breads) are served continuously with the host readily serving the guests with full attention and care. The Arayees is a worth try at the place and the restaurant clearly epitomizes luxury and class personified.

Location: Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 366 5866

Kan Zaman Restaurant

Housed in the historic Bastakiya district in the heart of the Bur Dubai, this place has a lot more to offer than a sumptuous meal gratifying the taste buds. Overlooking the vast expanse of the creek waters, the ambiance of Kan Zaman is very composed and soothing. The place reminisces of the glorious heritage of the culturally rich Arab world with an aura inviting people across the world. Widely popular among the tourists, the food offered has an orient touch to it with a variety of cuisines embellishing the menu card. The food choices vary from the popular Lebanese cuisine to the local Emirati specialties serving the Arabic tastes in its own distinct way. Over 44 people can enjoy dining in the open area basking in the sun or in the calm breezy twilight, with the inner seating having a huge capacity of around 526 people. If planning to organize a party or hosting a party for a large group, the Kan Zaman restaurant can be opted as a good choice.

Location: Shindagha Heritage Village, Al Khaleej Rd., Bur Dubai
Contact: +971 4 393 9913


Located in the Grand Hyatt, Awtar can be a good choice of an Arabic cuisine restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant sets before you lovely interiors not forgetting to mention a wide variety of food choices served to cater the tastes of the food lovers. The place is a bit expensive but can be a good choice to celebrate any of your special days. The service is great and they leave no stone unturned to serve the guests in their best possible way. The place deserves a visit if looking for some nice Arabic cuisine wrapped in a classy ambiance.

Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 317 1234

Saj Express

If looking for some good Arabic fast food, then the Saj express is the right choice for you. The Chicken Shwarmas are very popular being one of the most favorite appetizers to gratify your hunger strike. The place is always bustling with people making us understand its immense popularity. The place is an ideal breakfast choice and has a variety of food choices available. The tastes of the sandwiches are also no less appealing. So if looking for some instant food services in a casual dining atmosphere, just step in at the Saj Express and enjoy the authentic Arabic food.

Location: Oasis Tower, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai
Contact Us: +971 4 321 11 91

Al Qasr

Explore the majesty and grandeur of the Arab world and its architecture at the luxurious Al Qasr restaurant. The structure of the restaurant reminds of a palace and is located in none other than the classy Madinat Jumeirah. The list of the Arabic foods ranging from the appetizers to various meat dishes is great and you can have a taste of a variety of Lebanese cuisines and delicacies at Al Qasr.

Location: Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah
Contact: +971 4 366 8888


Looking at the name itself, one can understand that the place serves delicious Turkish cuisine and bring back the taste of the Turkish food to your palates. The aromatic fragrance of kebabs takes you to those ancient Istanbul alleys bringing to life the spirit of Turkey in Dubai. Bosphorous is not just a place to eat but a place imbibing in it the rich glories and cultures of a beautiful country. Lured by the mesmerizing interiors of the restaurant, the ambiance takes on a journey to the ancient Ottoman Empire. The various pide specialties be it pide with spinach or with cheese are a must try at the place. Not to forget a vast varieties of salad choices ready to tickle your taste senses.

Location: Umm Suqueim1, Dubai
Contact: +971 4 380 8090

Samad Al Iraqi

Explore the rich culture of one of the world’s most ancient history of Mesopotamia with no way better than having a first hand culinary experience. The décor of Samad Al Iraqi goes completely in line of the Iraqi culture and echoes its glory and extravaganza. With such a magnificent past, one cannot overlook the legacies of culinary flavors inherited from its rich tradition. There are a number of dishes which reminisces of the foods of the Babylonia or the Assyrians that dates back as old as six thousand years in age.
The breakfast, traditionally referred as Ryouk in Iraqi language, is considered an important meal of the day with a lot of dishes in the menu card placed in the Ryouk section. You can a number of egg dishes in the breakfast section. The salad corner along with the mixed platters are a must try at Samad Al Iraqi and relish some authentic age old tastes.

Location: Ground Level, Beach Park Plaza Centre, Jumeirah
Contact: +971 4 342 7887

Lebanese Village

The tastes of the Lebanese Village takes you to Lebanon and the aromatic flavors of the food are sure to lure you in its own little way. The Chicken Shwarma (a pita wrap with shredded grilled chicken and a spread of spicy Mexican sauce) is deliciously good and the visit to this restaurant is incomplete without tasting it. If you are a diet freak, then a fattoush (Arabic salad with lots of veggies and crisps) is a filling meal with lots of olive oil adding to the tastes. Sitting under the umbrellas outside the restaurant seems good and one can also choose to sit inside the restaurant. Located in the heart of Mankool, Bur Dubai, the place is also in vicinity to a number of hotel apartments in the area.

Location: Mankool Rd., Bur Dubai
Contact us: +971 4 352 2522


Wanting to relish on some great Arabic delicacies in an uncompromising stylish and classy set up, then step in at Na3Na3 restaurant. Located in the plush The Address Dubai Mall, the wide set buffet menu is sure to gratify all the senses before alluring the taste buds. The la carte option can also be catered if looking for some individual attention and care. The restaurant is open 24x7 and readily serves to the tastes of the food lovers looking for some authentic Arabic cuisine with a blend of unique Mediterranean aromatic flavors. Beside the traditional la Carte or a buffet style dining, a number of various theme nights on various days of the week makes the place quite a more interesting and inviting. Did I forget to mention the buffet dedicated especially for the kids? Yep, it does have a separate kids menu with an exclusive entertaining area. So just come and experience the luxury on your own.

Location: The Address, Dubai Mall
Contact: +971 4 438 8888

Café Bateel

With a number of premier date outlets across Dubai, the name Bateel is a known face among the people having a craving for delicious Arabic dates and the sweet delicacies offered at the Bateel’s. The Café Bateel, with a number of outlets in the city, takes the brand name Bateel to new heights blending a comforting café culture with deep rooted Arabic tastes served in its plates. The place offers a number of palatable tasty deserts likely to water your mouths with a number of other varieties be it the Belgian Waffles or the fluffy soft muffins or the lovely pastries. You go to the place on a lazy Friday mornings for a breakfast but might get enticed to visit the place time and again with a rich menu servicing ample of dishes enough for a filling sumptuous meal.

Location: B5, Al Mesk Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 4 368 4696

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