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Petra Oil Bitumen

Unit 202 Second Floor Ascon House Salahuddin Road, Dubai +971564014381 55588 https://www.petraoilbitumen.com/
Petra Oil DMCC is an international bitumen trading company with offices around the world.
It is part of the Buhari Holding Group of Companies which was stablished in the 1920‘s by Buhari Alim. The company is now in the 4th generation of operations with a global turnover of over 2 billion USD. The parent company has offices in over 80 countries and a combined work force of 20,000 with a specialty in the field of civil and mechanical construction.

Petra Oil was established as the bitumen manufacturing and trading division of the group. The company is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates the company also has representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia and in Africa.

Petra Oil is uniquely positioned to focus on downstream trading activities from post-production to point-of-sale. Petra Oil is also focused on being local with the locals. We are the best Bitumen Manufacturer and Suppliers, Asphalts Suppliers in the Global. Our ground approach enables us to offer cargo at local and domestic prices while mitigiated foreign exchange risks.
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