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The Dubai Mall, First Floor, Dubai -3398133 -3398133 www.duxiana.ae
Duxiana bed and dux mattress the most comfortable and technologically advanced beds and mattress in the UAE market, for all who care about the quality of their sleep and in turn, the qualify of their life.
Duxiana bed/Dox bed is the best place in the world where you are renewed.

With more than 85 years of development and research, the Dox bed includes a system Dox Innovative Springs, which contains thousands of inter-linked Springs that work together to ease the pressure on the body, formed to a minimum. Springs offer you with a family, the family of continental and rollaway beds. Some have a Pascal system, in which you can customize Dox bed depending on your need and convenience.

Sprung Bed, Docs moving bed and Continental Bed are the popular kinds of beds here, while we also have other bed linen, feather products and docs accessories.

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