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E1-218, Ajman Free Zone, Ajman +971 549930546 / +971 54 3059339 https://drinkableair-me.com/
Drinkableair-Me provide various AWG machines. Drinkable Air AWG machines create pure, fresh drinking water out of the air we breathe.
Drinkable Air is a scalable atmospheric water generator technology which produces water from ambient humidity based out of U.S.A. The Drinkable Air purification system uses Ozone and GAC filters to always ensure pure water.

Drinkable Air-Me’s AWG machines run on standard grid electric power but are easily adaptable to sustainable power sources such as wind, solar, solar-wind hybrid and diesel generators.

They are well suited for hotel rooms, government facilities, schools, hospitals, offices and residential households and represent a technological breakthrough, creating a way to replace and eliminate plastic water bottles.

AWG units are humidity and temperature driven; meaning the higher the humidity in the atmosphere the more water the machine will produce.The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is vast and atmospheric water generation is a technique of harvesting that water vapor to make clean drinking water.

Water that is produced by our AWGs is pure, does not contain any contaminates and represents a method of suppling safe pure water while being environmentally friendly and saving money. Producing water from the air is a sustainable practice through an intelligent use of the most abundant and unlimited supply of water available
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