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Natural Stone Trading LLC

Eid Mohd Bin Medeya Warehouse No.2 214-65, Airport Road, Dm No.18, PO Box: 114618, Dubai +971 4 2833 447 http://natstones-uae.com/
Natural Stone Trading LLC is considered as one of the most trusted names in the stone supply and fixing industry in Dubai. We have a wide range of product list - Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, and travertine.
We have qualified Engineers visiting the project sites regularly, coordinating with the foreman to ensure that works are done appropriately in accordance of the approved shop drawing and to ensure that the quality of works is being maintained.
We have a team of skilled Masons mainly from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan who have expertise in fixing of stones, marbles & granites.

We have reliable sources of quality stones, particularly from Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Oman, India, Pakistan and Turkey. We procure materials directly from the source (Quarry); thus, it enables us to bring in quality materials from these countries at the shortest possible notice in adherence to the time-schedule provided to the Client.

We have an efficient team of staff who provide good back-office support. Our Sales staff is engaged in interacting with the clientele, helping them in selecting the right materials; provide stone samples and mock-ups at the site to facilitate selection of appropriate material. They are backed by our technical staff that is responsible for the preparation of bill of quantities and shop drawings. The project coordinator is always available to take up any site related issues and to relay matters to the right party and to ensure a quick solution of the matter related to the project.
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