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Dubai Weather Forecast

09 May 2019


Sitting in the middle of the desert, generally Dubai has hot, dry weather with a desert climate. At times, it is just hot as opposed to really or very hot, but, the sunshine is all-year round, which makes Dubai an ideal location for people looking to bask in sun’s warming rays or boost their Vitamin D levels.

The seasons in Dubai can be categorized into two definite seasons, the summer (April to September) and the winter (November to March).

Summer begins around last week of April in Dubai, and ends around 1st week of October, and this period is characterized by very hot weather. The city’s proximity to the sea makes summers in Dubai milder, in comparison to other Gulf Cities like Kuwait and Riyadh. Rainfall is scarce during summer months, but there are frequent dust storms. In summer the temperature crosses 38 degree Celsius during the day.

The Winter Season begins from last week of October and continues until beginning of April. The winter season has most pleasant weather, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Strong thunderstorms may be common during this period, accompanied by the winds and lower temperatures. During this time the average daytime temperature is around 22 degree Celsius, although over the past few years, there is slight increase in temperature due to urbanization.

Best Time to travel to Dubai

November through April (Peak Season):

If you are very concerned about the desert heat, then the months from November to April, i.e., from late autumn to early spring, would be ideal to visit Dubai. But remember that this is the peak tourist season here with maximum crowds, although, the weather around this time would be beautiful, as the days bring in lot of sunshine and bright blue skies, with cooler evenings that is as gentle as wind, with just an occasional rain that may hit the city. But, such a weather would be ideal for outdoor activities like picnics, visit to the beach, desert safaris, and stroll around the city.

May, September and October (Shoulder Season)

The month of May is the onset of summer in Dubai, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 36 degrees Celsius, and so, although it will be hot, it will not touch its peak like during the actual summer months during July to August.  If you have had the opportunity to visit Dubai around this time of the year, then this season may be ideal for swimming, and the hotel accommodation rates would be considerably lower too, than during the peak season. In the month of September, the temperatures begin to cool, and it is ideal to head to the beach in late afternoon. The weather in October will be more reasonable with average temperatures hovering around 29 degree Celsius, and people will enjoy things like al fresco dining.

June through August (Low Season)

The months June through August is summer in Dubai and the temperatures can be rather unpleasant with high levels of humidity. July to August is downright scorching, with unbearable temperatures that touch 40s. Therefore, you can find plenty of special deals and reduced rates, and most of your time would be spent rushing between air-conditioned buildings. The popular Dubai Summer Surprises is organized during this period, and you can spend time in air-conditioned malls enjoying the various indoor activities and entertainment arranged in the malls across Dubai, while also shopping to your heart’s content as it would be raining discounts this season. June is also the month of Ramadan, and you should know that even if you are not fasting, eating, drinking and smoking in public is strictly banned during this period. So, although malls and hotels offer great discounts to attract visitors this season, the overall mood is rather subdued during this season.

Overall Dubai offers a desert climate, with year-round sunshine and hot temperatures and very little rain. So, to avoid the worst heat, the best time to visit Dubai are during the months November through March. Despite being sunny all through the year, the months from November to March are most popular among visitors too, given, the bright blue skies and the ideal beach-going weather. The heat packs a punch during these months, but, the months from April to October will be fierce.

Davies Krish

Former journalist and media professional based in Dubai.

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