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Hot Air Balloon Flight

12 April 2019

Take a sneak peak into the lovely and calm life of the desert and enjoy some moments of solitary bliss away from the bustle of the city. The Hot Air Balloon has come up as one of the most happening adventurous trips in Dubai with the people looking for more unique experiences to make their trip a memorable one. If tired from the noises of the city, just board a flight high in the skies while gazing at the vast expanses of sand in deep contrast to the high skyline of the city. Set on for new horizons and gaze at the camels roaming majestically in their desert empire, the gazelles and the other mystics of the sands still in its true natural form.

Hot Air Baloon Flight in Dubai

Don’t forget to take your cameras along to capture some magical moments of the Bedouin life in a city which has made a phenomenal transition from a small desert city to a cosmopolitan hub. The tour generally commences at the onset of the morning with the crimson skies throwing its rays on the bright sands. With a pick up from the hotel, be ready to set off for an excursion with your tour organizer briefing on the details of the trip. Once landed at the desert, a bright exhibition of these bright balloons flying in the sky are ought to mesmerize you with a thrill. Also see your balloon being inflated and coming out in its true shape with the flying vibrant colors.

Provided with the safety briefing, you can step into your balloon basket with a cherished moment in the waiting. With an accommodating capacity of 24 people, the balloon has ample place for you to have a complete view from your basket into the life down on the sands in a miniature form. As the balloon ascends to the skies, see the vast expanses of sun soaked dunes narrating a story of a rich traditional life. Your pilot will keep you engrossed in this hour long ride telling you about the harsh and hot desert conditions and the wildlife thriving in these conditions be it the camels sailing in the deserts or the gazelles freely roaming in their vast uninterrupted empires.

There are a number of tour companies and operators who organize a number of hot air balloon excursions on different levels starting from a romantic slip in the skies or a group event. The breathtaking views are unobstructed standing in the open basket without the hindrance of a window or a glass to blur the vision. As the flight proceeds, the mysteries of the vast sands unfold and you are left awestruck looking at the wonders of the nature. It can be a perfect holiday plan for a romantic couple or taking your kids for a new mesmerizing adventure thing to do in Dubai.

With the hot air balloons operating in the open deserts, the flight of the balloons often takes place in the outskirts of the city with the Hajjar Mountains in the backdrop. Once in the air, you can see the two parallels of the city, from the high rise on the one side to the vast open areas of the sands on the other. Some of the companies have a number of customized as well as tailor made programs suiting the demands of the people wishing to go on a hot air balloon flight. If you want to board the balloon exclusively keeping it a complete private affair, then a tour for two can also be planned. The corporate events are also brought into actions catering to the needs of the clients with utmost satisfaction.

But as they say that all good things come to an end and so is this flight. With so many things to observe and view, the time flies in a wink of an eye and the hour long excursion comes to a finish. While landing back, do follow the landing instructions given by the pilot for a smooth and comfortable landing. You start your journey in the early morning with its coming to an end at the mid of the day. Do not forget to capture these magical moments in your camera and look at it time and again to recollect the lovely memories.

After the trip ends, you are been dropped back to the hotel with the pick and drop facilities provided by the majority of the tour organizers. So next time if planning to have a pinch of adventure, then go for the new heights and experience some magic with Hot Air Balloon flight.

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