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Horse Riding in Dubai

12 April 2019

Horse riding is one of the most popular sports in Dubai. With a number of high end and world class race courses and horse riding clubs, the passion towards the sport is evidently visible. If you wish to spend some time with these beautiful creatures and also do the rides, then there could be no better choice than landing up at one of these well maintained equestrian clubs. Ranging from the riding trips to show jumping and polo, the riding activities amuse the equestrian enthusiasts in its endearing charm.

If you want to try your hands on riding but are novice at it, then the various clubs also offer riding lessons will well experienced and friendly yet disciplined staff helping you hone your riding skills. With a number of equestrian and polo clubs in Dubai, the passion of horse riding seems to come to a reality.

Horse Riding in Dubai

Al Sahara Desert Resort Equestrian Centre

Experience the magical colors of nature amidst the vast sandy desert expanse at the Al Sahara Desert Resort Equestrian Centre. Located at the Dubai Al Ain Road, the resort’s equestrian centre has a number of activities in its store like horse riding and livery. Providing a glimpse of a perfect Bedouin lifestyle, the riders have a unique experience in the vast natural desert. With a dedicated and experienced staff, the resort takes special care of horses and the riders. The centre organizes riding lessons for the individuals while also organizing group sessions with maximum three in a group.

1.5 Hour HorseBack Desert Park Ride

Combine an experience of the beautiful scenic beauty of the national park with the unexplored forest paths and desert sands at the National Park of Dubai. The park takes to a thrilling 1.5 hour ride on the horse back with some exotic displays of nature. The experienced staff member takes you through this magical journey in the lap of nature. You can also see the breeding of the horses with a chance of polishing or feeding them with your own hands. With the safety briefing provided by the trained staff personnel, the minimum age limit for undergoing this activity is 10 years or above.

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club

Now this is what you call a perfect blend of style with class. Offering a number of leisurely activities from show jumping to the rich game of Polo, the place is hugely popular among the equestrian enthusiasts. Housed with a spacious club, the place is a great socializing venue with some great ways to relax in a classy atmosphere. You can take a horse ride through the vast Arabian Deserts or simply sip a cup of tea or coffee the equestrian club. If you want to have some rich taste of luxury, then there is no better place to go for than Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club.

Emirates Equestrian Centre

Founded in 1983, the EEC is one of the pioneer equestrian centres in Dubai with some of the highly acclaimed horse activities available at the place. The Emirates Equestrian Center excels in various equine activities like dressage, show jumping and other disciplines related to the sport. It is a perfect place to try your hands at riding with some of the best qualified instructors to train the riders in a disciplined yet friendly environment. The centre organizes the riding lessons sessions from mid September which runs till mid June.

The club is also a host of a number of events like National Dressage Competitions, Dubai World Show Jumping Championships to name a few.

Dubai Palm Riding School

With some of the best stabled horses, the Dubai Palm Riding School is a perfect place to see some of the great equine activities. Housed with 7 riding arenas, the place is fully equipped exhibiting some of the finest show jumping and dressage activities. The classes are offered to children above 5 years of age with experienced riders getting a chance to go through the rides of the exotic Desert Palm area.

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