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Fast Food | Arabic

Lazfan Cafe

2B St, Al Hudaiba, Dubai +971 4 351 5171 http://vsclient.uk/lazfan/
Come, sit and be welcome, as we provide you with a unique experience at Lazfan Cafe, rooted in the proud history of Emirati cuisine. Lazfan is a unique cafe that serves a variety of authentic Emirati dishes.
Our authentic dishes have been carefully developed over many years, with generations of our family members adding their own special touches, to transport you on an exquisite culinary journey.

Warm, inviting, authentic – these are the principles that Lazfan Cafe embodies and seeks to share with our customers. We believe there’s nothing quite like Arabic hospitality – and we want all of our guests to feel as if they were part of our family.

Our recipes and dishes have been handed down through family members, and we are passionate about serving you an authentic Emirati experience, that leaves you warm, satisfied and coming back for more!

The traditional cuisine of the Emirati has been influenced by so many cultures and so much history. The dishes served at Lazfan Cafe were first created by the inspirational Bedouin people who strode out into the harsh land and tamed it to their will.

We’ve embraced their spirit of exploration, tradition, and determination, to bring you a full range of stunning dishes that captures what it means to be Emirati.

Join us at the table, and be a part of the Lazfan family.
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