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Concord Tower, Dubai 04 399 0039 www.karamteena.com
KaramTeena is one of the few Shisha restaurants in new Dubai, and we open the famous Levante recipes to become the flavor of Dubai Media City!
KaramTeena is borm from the heart of our warmmemories. KaramTeena is a true blend of authentic food recipes from across the world under a single roof, the recipes that have been passed on through generations, with fresh home-grown ingredients from each source land.

During the week we invite you to try our super rich daily buffet for all the executives who work around, to enjoy a proper home-made meal which is thoughtfully made to keep you energized and have a productive business day.

As for the delivery we deliver in almost all new Dubai areas, from daily meal, to Mansaf , Musakhan, Mixed Grill, Maftool..etc. We are also one of the few Shisha restaurants in new Dubai to be open late night, until 5am on weekends. It is not just the timings that the popular Levantine brand offers wide choice, we also have a celebration of taste and delectable experiences lined up when it comes to the daily dish and buffet offerings, which takes our customers through a memorable journey into the Levant.

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