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Saj bistro Lebanese Restaurant

Aspin Commercial Tower 106, Dubai 043210253 http://saj-bistro.com
Welcome to Saj bistro, a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, the home of Arabic cuisine in the heart of Dubai.
Whether you are looking to grab a bite for yourself or are planning an event, we, at Saj bistro can assure you of the most comfortable and delicious dining experience in Dubai.

Relish the most authentic local cuisine, prepared with fresh ingredients that are naturally sourced, infused with spices and herbs, and have been used for centuries now. Whatever be the mood, we guarantee a taste like no other. We owe all this to our dedicated chefs who consider food to be life itself.

Saj Bistro Dubai is a Lebanese Fusion restaurant that serves traditional meals with a modern, fresh and savory twist. We have perfected the art of mixing modern tastes with traditional culinary practices. We bring you the true Mediterranean taste, home to most diverse palette of flavors and spices. Our philosophy of 'simple, tasty, fresh' is reflected in our atmosphere and menu. Our dishes are unique, and embody a fusion of the East Mediterranean and flavors from East Asia, India and America, which is uniquely the Saj Bistro.

Our Saj bread is the star of our kitchen. It is made to order and prepared fresh by our chef, and its tantalizing fresh taste enhances every dish.

Join us on a trip around the world of taste and rediscover the beauty of simple, fresh meals prepared with a contemporary twist here, at Saj bistro Dubai.

Email: support@saj-bistro.com
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