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The Bowl One

Index Towers, Dubai +971585747443 http://www.thebowlone.com
Grab your weight loss meal plan now with The Bowl One & get a chance to taste and check out new exciting flavors of cuisines you have never tasted in your life.

Being fit is trendier than ever. Yet, the notion of body positivity is on a surge. There are advocates of veganism, people who swear eating raw saved them, sniff paleo cakes all day, get high on ketones, and some lucky spirits that has their intuition do portion controls.

On an individual level, the quest to be healthy has all the innocent intentions. But, the raw truth, doesn't the pursuit of being healthy, get unhealthy at times? We are here to break the status quo, and makes some rules of our own while we are at it.

Our mission at The Bowl One is to break the rules pressurizing everyone from 12 year old girls deadlifting in the gym, to 40 year olds struggling with a plethora of eating disorders. Its time to evolve by making eating fun and personal.

The Bowl One goes beyond restaurant - it is a lifestyle, a bold one.

Check out our menu details:

Mains: salads, build your own bowl, mains, and sandwiches
Desserts: rotein and sugar-free ice-cream, dairy-free bites, paleo snacks and killer banana bread
Drinks: Customizable smoothie bowls, Special protein shakes, fresh smoothies and speciality coffee
Homemade Goodies: freshly pressed house peanut butter, almond butter, date tahini, and speciality pastes like hazelnut butter and cocoa and more!

Email: [email protected]
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